Thai-Burma Railway

David Boggett

Faculty of Humanities, Kyoto Seika University

Japan's "Burma Road"
  Reflections on Japanese Military Activities in Northern Thailand
97k 676k
Notes on the Thai-Burma Railway
  1. "The Bridge on the River Kwai" - The Movie
  2. Asian Romusha: The Silenced Voice of History7k90k
  3. Praise the Prosperity and Glory of the New East Asia7k791k
  4. An Appalling Mass Crime7k613k
  5. Indonesian Romusha98k7310k
  6. The Background to Indian Labour in Southeast Asia103k3760k
  7. Tamil Workers on the Railway130k4460k
  8. Thai Labour and the Ban Pong Incident4580k5720k
  9. The Kra Isthmus Railway 132k3690k
 10. Japanese Memorials in the Kanchanaburi Area156k5389k
 11. The Korean Guards at the Railway Camps16k176k