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Well come to MINI-Z CLUB !!
We loves the MINI-Z racer! This page show you a lot of info about MINI-Z racer. You are the guest ofth who have visited this page.
Now we do the best to exchange the language Japanese to English, so please wait a month or years. (^_^;)
(This page was made 2000.4.23)

About MINI-Z Racer! '00.4.23

Kit '00.4.24
Option Parts'00.5.27
Spare PartsJapanese only
ThirdParty's Option Japanese only

Machine of our members
Birio Japanese only
NA ヴィッツだよ ミウラだよ Zだぜ!! newBeetle!!Japanese only
M2 Japanese only
Mirdy Japanese only
TT Japanese only
Q Japanese only
Beta Japanese only

Machine of without memberJapanese only '01.4.25Update

Repair & Maintenance

MINI-Z CircuitJapanese only '00.11.8
Recent Information Japanese only '01.1.8
Making Japanese only

camera carJapanese only '00.12.29
lowdown Japanese only
free tire from body Japanese only
Plastic Model List '01.2.18
Add the option parts'01.1.8
Change of body which plastic car model Japanese only
Change of tire'00.4.30
Change of crystal'00.5.3
Add the LED Japanese only
Making of original discharger Japanese only

Local Race '00.6.3

Movie '00.12.29
Paper craft Japanese only '00.5.1
New type of race? Japanese only '00.5.19

HobbyShow2000Japanese only '00.6.1
HobbyShow2001 '01.5.26
NEWS 'English only 00.5.27
MagagineJapanese only '00.8.10
Result of questionnaire 'English only 00.8.21
FAQ '00.8.13

You can write anything about MINI-Z racer to following board.
MINI-Z club bulletin (notice) board 'English only '00.4.24
MINI-Z club bulletin (notice) board (BBS type) 'English only '00.8.21

LINK '01.1.27

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