Make NSF section

  • Windows95/98/Me/2K (WindowsXP is unconfirmed)
  • unzip tool
  • text editor
  • FAMICOM / NES emulator or@NSF plater

  • (1)

    Download these files.
  • NESASM (in MagicKit)
  • mck
  • mckc
  • MCKwatch Unextracted these files.
  • unextract


    When MCKwatch is thawed, a mck folder is formed in the MCKwatch folder.
    mck/mckc/NESASM there copy files.


    An empty text file is made in the MCKwatch folder. 
    Don't use "-" (hyphen) for the file name. 


    1.MCKwatch is started. 
    2. "SET" is pushed, and a file choice dialog is shown. 
    3. An empty text file is chosen. 
    Because a file is watched, it starts MCKwatch during MML file editing all the time. 


    MML is inputted to the text file made as much as a point. 
    What's MML? -> What's MML? section (Japanese)
    Do you want to know the details of MML? -> mckc-e.txt


    Text file save.
    Then, a NSF file is formed automatically and carried out. 
    It is very easy.