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Ragnarok Online Skill Simulator(English/Japanese)

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The main Contents is the simulator which performs skill distribution of each job of "Ragnarok Online(Gravity Corp.)in Koria". (e.g. if you Selected "Fire Wall", the simulator would Select "Sight Lv1" and "Fire Bolt Lv4" and Fire Ball Lv5")
Since this simulator is not completed, if a mistake is found, please let me know it by mail or BBS. But Webmaster is not good at English, so maybe I can't understand what you are trying to say. Sorry!

Update Infomation(7/9/2002)

Usage(IE5.5 higher only)
1Please set your Job Lv.(The 2nd Class Job Skill cannot be raised unless your 2nd Class Job Lv has one or more.)
2Please click the portion of a skill figure you want to raise. (When you want a Skill to set 0 again, click the Skill icon.)
3When you want the data to be saved, push the "Save" button.(You can save one data per each job.)

*Now on the English Version, Explanation is not displayed...

Swordman&Knight Magician&Wizard Acolyte&Priest
Thief&Assasin Archer&Hunter Merchant&Blacksmith

II wish Ragnarok Online will be more fun!!

(Common to Japanese and English)

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