Windows95 & Windows98

Now making for Windows95(DirectX7)

19/Apr/2001 ver.0.06a Release.
18/Apr/2001 ver.0.06 Release.
27/Apr/2000 ver.0.05 Release.
05/Jun/1999 ver.0.04 Release.
19/Apr/1999 SRAM Converter Release.
09/Apr/1999 ver.0.03 Release.
25/Dec/1998 ver.0.02 Release.
20/Nov/1998 English document added. (Download page)
11/Nov/1998 ver.0.01 First Release. (alpha version)

[ver.06a info]
-fixed input controller read bug
-fixed zip,lzh file read bug

[ver.06 info]
-fixed VDP emulation
-added intelace mode2 emulation (320x448)
-fixed Shadow/Highlight emulation
-added 68000cpu clock setting
-added surface memory type select
-added NoWait emulation mode
-fixed 68000cpu bug
-added sound mixing mode
-added zip,lzh files

The following DLLs are required to load ZIP and LZH files.

UNZIP32.DLL Ver 5.4x
UNLHA32.DLL Ver 1.54a
Common Archivers Library
Common Archivers Library(mirror)
Link Free