version 20021002


VBRELAXNG is a verification tool for RELAX NG that it was made with Visula Basic version 6.0(SP4).
VBRELAXNG is the program of the ActiveX Server. You must make a client program to use it.

Distribution (include setup.exe)

VBRELAXNG for MSXML4(ActiveX DLL English)
VBRELAXNG for MSXML4(ActiveX DLL Japanese)

Sample client source code

' Visual Basic version

Dim myObj As Object

Set myObj = CreateObject("VBRELAXNG.Parser")
If Not myObj.setSchemaURI("sample.rng") Then
  Msgbox "It failed in reading of a schema." & myObj.parseError
  If myObj.parseURI("sample.xml") Then
    Msgbox "valid"
    Msgbox "It failed in verification of XML document. " & myObj.parseError
  End If
End If

// JScript version (Dynamic HTML)
var myObj = new ActiveXObject("VBRELAXNG.Parser");
if(! myObj.setSchemaURI("sample.rng")){
  alert("It failed in reading of a schema." + myObj.parseError);
else {
  else {
    alert("It failed in verification of XML document. " + myObj.parseError);

# API for reading of a schema
  setSchemaURI(URI as String [,errStackSize as integer])
  setSchemaString(XMLString as String [,errStackSize as integer])
  setSchemaDocument(DOMDocument as Object [,errStackSize as integer])
  errStackSize: Error stack size

# API for verification of XML document
  parseURI(URI as String[,errStackSize as integer])
  parseString(XMLString as String[,errStackSize as integer])
  parseDocument(DOMDocument as Object[,errStackSize as integer])
  errStackSize: Error stack size

# API for setting of a base uri
  setBaseURI(URI as String)

Sample client program

RELAX NG Workshop (IE/5 or later) (distribution)

James Clark's TestSuite Check Tool

testSuite.ZIP(IE/5 or later)

Available properties and methods

xmlDocument : return DOMDocument object
Dim sourceXML As Object
Set sourceXML = myObj.xmlDocument

parseError : return error message
Dim errMessage As String
errMessage = myObj.parseError

The contents of updating

Bug fix of processing of The embedding of schematron.


Microsoft XML Core Services(MSXML) 4.0 SP1
Windows Scripting Engine/5.5 or later (This is used for processing of pattern facet.)

copyright (c) 2002 by YONEKURA Koji. All rights reserved.