Sample relax grammar
Source Structure Grammar
Step 1
Select the testing file.
When you chose 'Sample relax grammar',the viewRELAX uses 'NS_ex01rxg.txt'.
When you chose another,you can select the local grammar or module file as testing.

Step 2
Click the 'view Structure' button.
The values of the label attribute of the export element are indicated.

Step 3
Click the label name.
The tag name, the role, the attributes and the contents model which relate to the label are indicated.
Information on the label in the contents model can be referred to in the same way, too.

Click the 'view Grammar' button.
The elementRule element and the tag element which related to the label can be referred to.

Check the 'Use VBRELAX' option button.
The verification of the RELAX grammar is done by using VBRELAX.
The installation of VBRELAX/20010524(or later) is necessary in advance.