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Masayuki Hatta's Home Page

Since 1999-01-31

Changelog(in Japanese)

Welcome to Masayuki Hatta's website. There is not much of a thing, but I'm glad if you find something useful to you here.

This website now can be reached at http://beam.to/mhatta/ as well(courtesy of Beam.to).

Free Software

I am one of the webmasters at GNU Project. Most of the GNU webpages have been translated into Japanese by me. In addition, I maintain unofficial Japanese translations of GNU General Public Licenses below.

About the reason why these translations are regarded as unofficial, see Information about unofficial Translations.

Besides, as a member of the translation team for Japanese at Translation Project, I maintain Japanese message catalog(ja.po) for the web browser Lynx. I also maintain ja.po for free FTP client LFTP, info browser pinfo and word processor AbiWord, too.

Open Source

I'm the translator / maintainer of Japanese translation of the Open Source Definition published by the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

Now I also have Japanese translation of the Open Publication License from OpenContent.org.

Also I'm one of the administrators of OpenSource.jp(the same site as http://www.opensource.gr.jp/).

Debian GNU/Linux

I'm a Debian GNU/Linux user and a member of Debian JP Project since 1998 and an official developer of Debian Project since 2000. To my regret I'm so busy these days that I don't have enough time to contribute to Debian so much. Anyway, here's my works below.


I love music, especially Jazz and authentic Rock'n Roll. Here is my collection.



Guest Book

Feel free to comment on this website. As you see, THIS IS A GUEST BOOK. I AM NOT YOUR ANSWER GUY. Please do not write in any questions on GNU/Linux to here. If you want to ask something, join mailing lists or NetNews groups appropriate for your needs. Thanks.

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