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Last Update - 2000/04/09 - New map [Small Icecave]

These are maps that were drawn by me.
I'm glad if they can help your adventure, though almost newbie dungeon .
*Please visit my site if you can read Japanese.

2 A Ruin(Shousi) 26KB

9 A White Rat Lair(Yaraq) 13KB

10 Under-Cove Crypt 80KB

11 Darkened Hall 67KB

12 Musansayn's Vault 49KB

14 Abandoned Shop 57KB

17 Daiklos Dungeon 2000/03/28 Update 64KB

20 A Drudge Hideout(Holtburg) 27KB

21 A White Rat Nest(Holtburg) 26KB

23 A Cave    44KB 

25 Old Warehouse 44KB

27 Dungeon Gallery Tower 41KB

31 A Drudge Nest(Hebian-to) 40KB

34 Thieves' Gallery 52KB

39 Sea Temple Catacomb 51KB

43 A Ruin(Samsur) 30KB

46 Dungeon of Shadow No-explanation version 30KB

46 Dungeon of Shadow 68KB

53 Golem Burial Ground    34KB

54 Rocky Crypt    39KB

62 Crypt of Ashen Tears 71KB

63 Misterious Cave 40KB

64 Forbidden Crypt 75KB

65 Mite Maze 80KB

68 Reedshark Lair 32KB

71 Thieves Den No-explanation version 36KB

71 Thieves Den 66KB

76 A Mosswart Nest 14KB

78 Hunter's Leap Dungeon 61KB

A Ruin(Rithwic) 40KB

A Ruin(Arwic) 40KB

Burial Temple 2000/03/27 Update 50KB

Lakeside Lair 2000/03/27 Update 12KB

Dungeon Fern 2000/03/27 Update 38KB

A Ruin(Holtburg) 2000/03/27 Update 20KB

Mattekar Cave 2000/03/28 Update 35KB

Dungeon Biner 2000/03/28 Update 43KB

Small Icecave 2000/04/09 Update No-explanation version 58KB

Small Icecave 2000/04/09 Update 71KB

demo.gif (4844 バイト)


Large blue balls --- Start points
Large purple balls --- Portals
Small blue balls --- Containers(without cheap foods,cloths and money box)
Small purple balls & purple words --- Map connections
Small red balls --- Enemies
Small green balls --- Check points(item spawn points, switchs and traps)

A Star mark after monster name in Monster level list indicates this monster casts spells.

A "Lock" note indicates the door locked. Nothing switchs and special keys.
A "Lock A(key or switch name)" note indicates the door locked. There are special keys or switchs to open the door.
A "Lock" note indicates the container locked.

Email me if you find errors, or have any ideas, questions and so on.

__ Im playing with Kite or Schelma(not Liz =P) in Leafcull. __