GXSCC Beta127 to Beta128 Updater (English)

for Windows95/98/NT4/Me/2000/XP.

This software is Freeware.
This software is auto-updater for GXSCC Beta127(English).
update to Beta128(English).

Changes of this update:
- Files including "lower music sound modules trap" aimed at Roland series were never sounded. Now it plays them properly.
- Supported Broadcast Master Volume.
- Dialog-box(Preferences) bugs fixed.

Covenants for use:

* GASHISOFT and the provider and the administrator of the server who offer informations don't have responsibilities about any kind of inevitable, special, unexpected damages or indirect damages against third parties, even if they are caused by downloading or by using this program (and all contents included in the package you downloaded, like the manual).

* GASHISOFT never demands and never refuses any profits by downloading or by using this program.

* This program has already passed the virus check, but never insists on the exterminating of virus.

* Working of the program was confirmed at any precondition environments as far as possible, however it never guarantees to work regularly.

* Only use by the same person who downloaded it is allowed. The same person is allowed to use it on more than two computers.

* This program is protected by the Japan Copyright Act and the international treaty. Suppose that the intellectual property rights of this program are not transferred to a visitor at all.

* Any uses except the specifyed usage are never allowed. So you can not do any fixes, improvements, translations, reverse assemblings, reverse compilings and reverse engineerings.

* Any transfers, reprints, re-distributions by media like CD-ROM or on networks are prohibited unless GASHISOFT consents them.

* You lose your use right if the distribution from "the place where the you gained this program" is prohibited, or if the distribution becomes impossible and deleted from the place (and if its reason is announced at the place where you gained it). Moreover, suppose that duty to delete all the downloaded programs arises.

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