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プラグインもプログラミングも不要、簡単に作れる GIFアニメーション!

The Mirror Site of GIF Animation on the WWW

World-wide Map
Home Site (Original Site)
Vienna, Virginia, USA

North America
Florida -courtesy of Cybernet International
California -courtesy of Balthasar T. Indermuehle (T3 link)
South America
BELGIUM - A FRENCH! translation by Daniel Gobin
FRANCE - A FRENCH! translation by Eric Ragone
GERMANY - A GERMAN! translation by Don Zampano
ITALY - courtesy of Video Online!
ITALY - An ITALIAN! translation by Vanni Pancaldi
SPAIN - courtesy of the School of Mines, University of Oviedo (Updated automatically!)
SPAIN - A SPANISH! translation by Antonio Garcia
SLOVENIA - courtesy of Peter Berc
UNITED KINGDOM - courtesy of
Johannesberg, SOUTH AFRICA - courtesy of WebCo
JAPAN - A JAPANESE! translation by Takaaki Haruna
JAPAN for Windows - A JAPANESE for Windows! translation by Sinichi Yamaura


Special Thanks to: Royal Frazier and Sinichi Yamaura
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