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Binary comparison tool Version 1.0

'FC' command is one of the standard tools in MS-DOS. The tool can compare two Text or Binary files. However, today, 'fc' has already been inconvenient. The biggest problem is 'Slow Speed'. When you want to compare huge files with 'fc', you will be able to hear your HD scream even.
Text file comparison tool is created by microsoft that is named 'windiff'. The tool is very convenient but can not binary file compare.
Then I have written this tool 'Nwdiff' that is for comparing two huge files.
1) Nwdiff can compare up to one Tera byte (2^40 byte) (Actually, I have not tested the limitation yet (**;) )
2) You can see the results even during comparing because the compare task is an individual thread in this tool.

(1) Environment
Windows95A98 or WindowsNT4.0
Nwdiff uses only standard API in win32, I think that the tool must be able to run on higher version.
Nwdiff is just one exe file. you can set the file in an appropriate holder.
(2) Descriptions
After start up Nwdiff, please select 'Open' in the menu or the toolbar. Then Nwdiff asks you filenames two times, please enter filenames. Just after you enter the 2nd file name, Nwdiff begins to compare the files.
There are two parts in the window.
The left side : Nwdiff displays a graph of rate.
The right side : Nwdiff displays four bitmaps of block data (64Kbytes).
When you click in left side graph, then the bitmaps your click point will be displayed. The bitmaps are that two are each files bitmap, another is XOR image of the blocks, the last is OR image of the blocks. And then, when you click on the bitmap, HexDump at your click point will be displayed.

Image of the window iJPG 127Kbytej
explanation :
This image is Nwdiff window that compare about 25Mbytes files. Right side down "ETR" means "Estimated Time Remaining". So in this case, it means "33% done and need more 44sec to be all end" And displayed bitmap is 56% same in the block, and you can recognize the same data is end half of the block.
(3) This file is compressed by LHA
Original nwdiff.exe 352Kbyte
Compressed nwdiff.lzh 175Kbyte
Exe file has been already checked by latest virus checker.
Download nwdiff.lzh

(5) History
(A) 1999/1/18
V1.00 releaseAIt is still need improve more but I use this already.