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Welcome to Hero's Room
To Japanese
I have just uploaded this homepage here in the Geocity.
I am planning to put more computer related material here.

This page is dedicated to the multi-cultural communication on the net. You can view this page in English, Chinese, and Japanese.
To Chinese
You can not read Japanese or Chinese pages? Don't worry you can get free internet viewer here!

This program enables you to view Asian languages (Japanese, Korean and Chinese) on the web.

If you have any problem installing this program, please let me know, I can give you some help.

(last update 5/12/99)

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My college in the States

My university in China

Please give me an E-mail either in English, in Chinese or in Japanese
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I believe this whole'geocities' idea
is one of the greatest idea of the century.
Now, come join us!!
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