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CAD Appications
jw_cad ver.222H for DOS/V full-set(961,555bytes)
jw_cad ver.222H for NEC PC-98 series full-set(961,555bytes)
cf.freesoft ware not PDS. japan de facto standard CAD application software.fastest in japn.
sh32 for windows9x/NT download site
cf."sh32 for windows9x/NT" is same mouse operation - jw_cad - CAD application software.with vector & luster data on same platform.freesoft ware not PDS.
japan architectural building law & others download site
cf.japan architectural building law & others txt-files. excellent. wonderful.freesoft ware not PDS.
Virtual Office MAP figuresTM
cf.if you draw 'white map', please use these figures.
very useful link site for information
cf."kuwabara laboratory"tokyo international unuvercity/special thanks to "kuma-ken"
japan de facto standard CAD-DATA for sash & finish
cf.japan no.1 sash maker "YKKAP(YKK Architectural Products inc.)" as same as zipper maker "YKK"
Spread Sheet
building areas table utility
cf.if you draw 'building floor areas table', please use this worksheet.
cals_101.lzh(1KB)/calc to text,text to calc
cf.if you get tired, please use this worksheet.
cf.if you get tired, please use this worksheet.
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