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We have guests since April 1st 1998.

This page shows you SHAM THINGs around us. If you find the SHAMTHING HOT,please contribute it to us. Here is my mail address; zenjin@geocities.co.jp.

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*Leaflet of ASAHI SHIMBUN 3rd April 1998

Here is a leaflet that was in my newspaper.

How many fake characters can you see here?

I see a locomotive laughing sneeringly. Is this THOMAS?

A penguin with the red beak...I think this is PINGU.

Is the circle face with round ear monster intend as Mickey Mouse?

If so, the cat with a cross mouth must be MIFFY.

But still I cannot believe this blue pierrot like whiskered creature as DORAEMON.

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*Leaflet of ASAHI SHIMBUN 28th April 1998

Again! Same Discount house 'SAWADAYA' did this.

We can see Fake Thomas the Tank Engine on the rail and Fake Miffys who have OMEGA shaped mouth.

We are expecting much of next leaflet of this store.

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*Leaflet of ASAHI SHIMBUN JULY 1998


 Sawadaya again. Unexpectedly,this page might become SAWADAYA's page...

 Anyway,it's an imitation of PIKACHU from POCKET MONSTER.

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 He extremely looks like the most famous millionaire and CEO of monster software company.

But he is just a english language school teacher who lives in Japan.

Is he rich?

Yeah,maybe. Face like this guy is getting money-mad in general.

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Sawadaya broke their long silence and detonates this to us.

Is he a member of the 22nd century CAT-TYPE ROBOT family?

Nah. I don't think so.

He is just a kind of groundhog or something.

Even so, Why is he bule? Why does he have so shiny eyes? What are those balls on both sides of his mouth?

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