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Mechanical TV tuner

(for 1970's TV)

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Mechanical TV tuner

    2 inche squear box (near side) is UHF tuner, another box is VHF tuner.

UHF Tuner

  1. Right side cavity(cell) is the 1'st stage resonator.Yellow arrow syous L, and red arrow shows C.

  2. Left hand cavity is for local oscillator. Because of frequensy is low, coil is longer and the nunber of capacitoes plate is larger.

  3. Center cavity is for 2nd resonator and mixer. Intermediate frequency is gemerate from Input sigfal (IN) and Local signal (OSC). (fOUT=IN|OSC)

Hole for signal capling.

    Signal from right hand cavity is transfer through this small holl to center cavity.

VHF Tuner

  1. When turn channel knob, disks with coil are rotate, and inductors are changed.

  2. Right hand coils are for local oscillator. Brass screws are inductance adjuster for each channels.

Printed inductors

    Inductors for higher frequency(around 200MHz) are constructed by printed pattern.

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