Linux On Libretto L5
[[ Setups of the PCMCIA adaptor and Sound ]]


PCMCIA adaptor Setup

The PCMCIA adaptor is set off at installation default.
Just add or modify the entries of PCMCIA and PCIC in /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia as the followings, the reboot.
Every card I have tried (PHS modem, LAN, analog modem, CF) worked perfectly.
Although I tried PCMCIA on Vine (most popular Japanese distribution based on Redhat), it has not been successful. There might be a patch on the Net for it, but I have no information about it.

Sound card Setup

Become superuser and run /usr/sbin/soundcfg (not sndconfig). It probes as follows:
    Acer Laboratories Inc. [ALi]-M5451 PCI South Bridge Audio
Both pcm audio and MIDI work OK.


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