Install Linux on Libretto L5

16th Aug., 2002
Modified 26th Aug., 2002
Modified 12th Nov., 2002
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To replace my current PDA, Mobile Gear(NEC) whose hinge had gotten badly broken, I bought Toshiba's Libretto L5(080TNLN that does not have wireless LAN) at the beginning of this month. I'd been interested in the Libretto series for many years, and I have purchased it at last.

As a UNIX user, I first started to install Linux on the machine, of course. Many tasks to do for the installation were not as easy as I expected, however. Tips were required to backup the preinstalled system, to reorganize the partition, to boot without FDD nor CDD and to setup X-Window.
Simultaneously I recognized that there were very few information about the installation on the Net.

Now I have succeeded and almost finished to setup linux on my Libretto. It is satisfactory for me, and I believe it is quite practical as a linux-installed PC.

Probably needless to mention, but make sure I'm not responsible for all the information I'm writing below and you have to be responsible for all trials you are going to perform on your machine. And let me add that there might be differences between Japanese version of L5 and foreign versions. In addition, as you already noticed, my poor English ability can cause misunderstanding.

I will try to respond for questions about my note by E-mail.