Trade List: US "Classic"Punk,etc
Quality:A =Very Good/B= Good/C= Poor

13th Floor Elevators & Roky Ericson

Live In San Francisco & Dallas 1966
1.Everybody Nedds Somebody To Love/2.Because You Accuse Me/3.You Don't Know/4.I'm Gonna Love You Too/5.You Really Got Me/6.Splash One/7.Fire Engine/8.Roll Over Beethoven/9.The Word/10.Monkey Island/11.Roller Coaster/12.Have Mercy/13.Gloria/14.She Lives
SBD A- 52min(CD)
track01-10 live at San Francisco, Avalon,1966
track11-14 live in Dallas, TV Show,1966

1.You don't love me yet/2.The beast/3.Heroin/4.Bo diddley is a headhunter/5.Clear night for love/6.Cold night for Alligators/7.Don't Slander me/8.Mine mine mind/9.Starry eyes/10.Don't shake me lucifer
SBD&AUD,A+/B- 47min(CD)

The Doors

THE MATRIX TAPES - Live at The Matrix,San Francisco, March 1967
1.My Eyes Have Seen You/2.Soul Kitchen/3.I Can't See Your Face In My Mind/4.People Are Strange/5.When The Music's Over/6.Money/7.Who Do You Love/8.Moonlight Drive/9.Summer's Almost Gone/10.I'm A King Bee/11.Gloria/12.Break On Through/13.Summertimer
1. Back Door Man/2.Alabama Song/3.Light My Fire/4.The End/5.Get Off My Life, Woman/6.Close To You/7.Crawling King Snake/8.Crystal Ship/9.20th Century Fox/10.Unhappy Girl/11.Rock Me Baby
SBD A-/A 70min&66min(2CD-R)
*** disc1 & disc2 1-4,March 10th others March 7th

Live at the Hollywood Bowl LA, Ca, July 5th 1968
1.When the music's Over/2.Alabama Song/3.Back Door Man/4.Five to One/5.Hello,I love You /6.Moonlight Drive - Horse Latitudes/7.Go Insane/8.The Hill Dwellers/9.Spanish Caravan /10.Wake Up/11.Light My Fire/12.The Unknown Soldier/13.The End
SBD A-/B+ 68min(CD-R)

LIVE IN STOCKHOLM 1968 - Live at Konserthuset,Stockholm, Sep. 20, 1968
1. Five To One/2.Love Street/3.Love Me Two Times/4.When The Music's Over/5.A Little Game/6.The Hill Dwellers/7.Light My Fire/8.Unknown Soldier
1. Five To One/2.Medley:Mack On The Knife-Alabama Song/3.Back Door Man/4.You're Lost,Little Girl/6.Love Me Two Times/6.When The Music's Over/7.Wild Child/8.Money/9.Wake Up/10.Light My Fire/12.The End
SBD A-/A 42min&71min(2CD-R)

JIM'S ALIVE - Live At Seattle Center Coliseum,June 5 1970
1.Intro - Hitler Poem/2.Roadhouse Blues/3.Back Door Man/4.When the music's Over/5.Someday Soon/6.Medley (Train Jam): -People Get Ready - Baby Please Don't Go/7.Medley (Train Jam):- Mystery Train - Crossroads/8.Five to One/9.Break on Through
SBD A- 73min(CD-R)

CANADIAN NIGHT - Live at P.N.E. Coliseum,Vancouver,Canada,June 6 1970
1.Roadhouse Blues/2.Back Door Man/3.Five to One/4.When the music's Over/5.Who do you love/6. Light my Fire/7.The End
A- 45min(CD-R)

VANCOUVER 70 - Live at P.N.E. Coliseum,Vancouver,Canada,June 6 1970
1.Roadhouse Blues/2.Back Door Man/3.Money/4.Rock me Baby/5.Little Red Rooster/6.Who do you love/7.Light my Fire/8.Fever/9.The End
SBD A- 45min(CD-R)

PALACE OF EXILE - Live At Isle of Wight Festival Aug,31 1970
1.Back Door Man/2.Break On Through/3.When The Muisc's Over/4.Ship Of Fools/5.Roadhouse Blues/6.Light My Fire/7.The End - Across The Sea - Away In India - Crossroads - Wake up - The End
SBD A 62min(CD-R)

Velevet Underground

Live at Cave Cleveland 4,Nov,1966
1.All Tomorrow's Parties/2.I'm Waiting For The Man/3.Venus In Furs/4.Black Angel's Death Song/5.Heroin/6.Femme Fatale/7.Run Run Run
AUD C+/B- 36min(CD)
*** poor quality,but very rare

1.Sweet Sister Ray/2.Sister Ray--Murder Mystery--Sister Ray/3.Story Of My Life
AUD B+ 70min(CD-R)
track 1 at La Cave,April 30'68
track 2 at La Cave,Jan 28'69
track 3 at La Cave,April 10'68
*** stunning!

CONCRETE DREAMS - Live at Boston Tea Party,1969
1.I'm Waiting For The Man/2.Syster Ray/3.That's The Story Of My Life/4.Jesus/5.I'm Set Freel /6.Run,Run,Run/7.What's Goes On/8.Candy Says/9.Beginning To See The Light/10.White Light White Heat/11.Pale Blue Eyes
AUD B+/B 53min(CD)
track 1-4 March,12 1969
track 5-11Jan,10 1969
*** sound quality is not so good,but great guitar play(Sterling Morrison!)

Live at Boston Tea Party,March 1969
1.What Goes On/2.I Can't Stand It/3.Candy Says/4.Beginin To See The Light/5.White Light - White Heat /6.Pale Blue Eyes/7.Syster Ray/8.Heroin/9.I'm Gonna MOve Right In/10.I'm Set Free/11.Run,Run,Run
AUD B-/C 70min(CD)

Live at Hilltop Rock Festival,New Hampshire, Aug,2 1969
1. Waiting For The Man/2.Run Run Run/3.Pale Blue Eyes/4.What Goes On/5.Heroin
AUD B 42min(? gen tape)

Live at End Cole Ave. Club, Dallas,October 18 and 19, 1969
1.I'm Waiting For The Man/2.It's Just Too Much/3.I'll Be Your Mirror/4.Some Kinda Love/5.Femme Fatale/6.Beginning To See The Light/7.I'm Set Free/8.After Hours/9.I'm Sticking With You/10.One Of These Days/11.Ocean/12.What Goes On/13.Sister Ray
AUD A-/B+ 73min(1st Gen tape from CD)
Syster Ray:Oct.18,other track:Oct 19

Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico - Live at Bataclan Club , Paris , France, Jan 29, 1972
1.Waiting For The Man/2.Berlin/3.Black Angels Death Song/4.Wild Child/5.Herion/6.Femme Fatale/8.Absceid/9.Janitor Of Lunacy/10.I`ll Be You Mirror/11.Ghost Story/12.The Biggest, Loudest , Hariest Group Of Them All/13.Empty Bottles/14.Pale Blue Eyes/15.Candy Says
SBD A 70min(CD-R)

1.Star Spangled Banner/2.White Light,White Heat/3.I'm Waiting For My Man/4. All Tomorrow's Parties /5.Run Run Run/6.Guess I'm Falling In Love/7.Venus In Furs/8.Black Angel's Death Song/9.I Can't Stand It /10.Sheltered Life/11.Vernissage/12.Real Good Time Together/13.Chelsea Girl/14.Pale Blue Eyes /15.I'll Be Your Mirror/16.The End
SBD,AUD B/B+ 72min(? Gen tape from CD)
track01:shortlisted as the intro to the 1993 concerts
track02-03:Max's Kansas City, Summer '70
track04:Valleydale Ballroom, 4/11/66
track05:Hilltop Festival, 2/8/69
track06:Gymnasium, April '67
track07:End Of Cole Ave, 18/10/69
track08:Bataclan, 29/1/72
track09:La Cave, 4/10/68
track10:Ludlow street loft demo, early '67
track11:radio ad for 3rd LP
track12:demo,late '69
track13:Nico & Joe Bidewell, BBC TV program on Chelsea Hotel,'81
track14:End Of Cole Ave, 19/10/69
track16: Nico,unknown live

Lou Reed

SWEET JANE - Live At The Ultrasonic Recording Studio NYC,Dec 26, 1972
1.White Light,White Heat/2.Vicious/3.I'm Waiting For The Man/4.Walk And Talk It/5.Sweet Jane/6.Heroin/7.Satellite Of Love/8.Walk On The Wild Side/9.I'm So Free/10.Berlin/11.Rock And Roll
SBD A-/A 60min(1st Gen tape from CD)
*** excellent sound & performance!

THE PHANTOM OF ROCK - Live At The Alice Tully Hall NYC,Jan 27, 1973
1.White Light,White Heat/2.Wagon Wheel/3.I'm Waiting For My Man/4.Walk And Talk It/5.Sweet Jane/6.New Age/7.Vicious /8.I Can't Stand It/9.Satellite Of Love/10.Heroin/11.I'm So Free/12.Walk On The Wild Side/13.Rock'n Roll/14.Sister Ray
SBD A 60min(CD-R)

The Shepard of Brooklin + Bonus track -V.A Live
<at Bottom Line, NYC, May 1978>
1.Rock 'n' Roll/2.Sweet Jane/3.Leave Me Alone/4.I Wanna Be Black/5.You Keep Me Hanging On
<at Concerthouse, Stockholm, Sweeden, May 14 1974>
6.Sweet Jane/7.Vicious/8.Rock 'n' Roll
<Live in Milan, Italy, January 23, 1992>
9.A Dream/10.Dirty Blvd/11.Strawman/12.Sweet Jane/13.Rock And Roll
SBD(track9-13 AUD) A-/A 70min(1st Gen tape from LP &CD)

Coffebreak Concert - Live At The Agora Cleveland OH,Oct 3,1984
1.Introduction/2.Sweet Jane/3.I'm Waiting For My Man/4.Martial Law/5.Legendary Hearts/6.Turn Out The Lights /7.Interview/8.Sally Can't Dance/9.Walk On The Wild Side/10.Satellite Of Love/11.Interview/12.My Red Joystick /13.New Sensations/14.Turn To Me/15.I Love You Suzanne
SBD A/A- 62min(CD-R From FM)
*** Robert Quine On Guitar!

New York Dolls

ACTRESS(pre Dolls) - RUSTY BEAN's Bike Shop Rehearsal 1971
1.That's the Poison(Subway Train)/2.Talk To Me(So Alone)/3.I Need You/4.I'm a Boy I'm A Girl/5.Human Race/6.When I Get Home/7.Why Am I Alone
AUD? B 40min(? gen from tape)
****** without D.Johansen,all Johnny's lead vocals!

Live In Paris, France Dec,23 73
1.Personality Crisis/2.Bad Girls/3.Lookin' For A Kiss/4.A Big Great Kiss/5.Stranded In The Jungle/6.Trash/7.Leave Me Alone(Chatterbox)/8.Puss 'N' Boots/9.Hoochie Coochie Man/10.Jet Boy
SBD B+ 45min(? gen from tape from LP)

Live at My Fathers Place NYC,WBAI FM Broadcast,Apr,14 1974
1.Babylon/2.Puss 'N' Boots/3.Lookin for A Kiss/4.Trash/5.Stranded In the Jungle/6.Personality Crisis/7.Bad Girl/8.Pills /9.Hootchie Cootchie Man/10.Its Too Late
SBD B++ 45min(? gen from tape from FM)
****** Cool!

David Johansen

David Johansen Group - Live at Bottom Line July,1978
1.Funky But Chic/2.Not That Much/3.Build Me Buttercup/4.I'm A Lover/5.Donna/6.Frenchette/7.Lonely Tenement/8.Girls/9.Personality Crisis
SBD A/A- 39min(Radio-Show LP)

Johnny Thunders
see also Richard Hell

V.A Outtake & Live
1.Help The Homeless/2.Disapointed In You/3.Children Are People Too/4.I Tell The Truth Even When I'm Lying(?)/5.Glory Glory/6.Familiarity Breeds Comtempt/7. Birdwatching/8.Critics Choice/9.Green Onions/10.Look In My Eyes/11.Just Another Girl/12.In Cold Blood/13.Diary Of Lover/14.Endless Party/15.I Wanna Be Loved /16.Blame It On Mom/17.Cool Operator/18.Personarity Crisis/19.Countdown Love/20.Little Bit Of whore
SBD A 73min(1st gen tape from CD)
track1-15 Demo,Alternate Mix
track16-20 GENEVE RADIO LIVE '85

Live at Batclan Paris,Nov 8,1977
1.All By Myself/2.Let Go/3.Can't Keep My Eyes On You/4.I Love You/5.Too Much Junkie Business/6.London Boys/7.Give Her Great Kiss/8.Born To Lose/9.One Track Mind/10.Do You Love Me/11.I Wanna Be Loved/12.Take A Chance On Me/13.Baby Talk/14.Chinese Rocks
SBD B+/A- 45min(? gen tape)

1.Pipeline/2.Dead Or Alive/3.Daddy Rolling Stone/4.Be Bop A Lula/5.Subway Train/6.So Alone/7.Untouchable/8.Steppin Stone/9.Leave Me Alone
AUD B 30min(? gen tape)

GANG WAR - Live At Rock City NYC, Nov 26,1979
1.Ramblin' Rose/2.London Boys/3.These Boots Were Made../4.M.I.A/5.The Harder They Come/6.Endless Party/7.I'd Rather Be With Boys/8.I Love Only Me/9.Hey Thanks/10.Treat Me Like A Nigger/11.Bright Light s Big City/12.Around Around
SBD A-/B+ 30min(? gen tape)

GANG WAR - Live At Armenian Hall,NYC,Dec 12,1979 1.Ramblin' Rose/2.London Boys/3.The Harder They Come/4.MIA/5.I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys/7.I'll Go Crazy/8.Just Because I'm White/9.Hey Thanks/10.Ten Commandments
AUD B 40min(? gen tape)

1.Crime Of The Century/2.MIA/3.Instrumental(#1)/4.Instrumental (#2)/5.Gypsy/6.Hey Thanks/7.London Boys/8.I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys/9.Endless Party/10.Trate Me Like A Nigger/11.Like A Rolling Stone
SBD A-/B+ 30min(? gen tape)
track1-6 Demo
track7-11 Live At Max's KC May 1980

Live In NYC,June July 2,1980
1.You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory/2.Sad Vacation/3.I'd Rather Be With The Boys/4.Teenager In Love/5.Treat Me Like A Nigger/6.Hurt Me/7.Wizard
SBD B+ 20min(? gen tape)

Live At MIRHEN,FINLAND 21,June 1984(With Sylvain & Jerry Nolan)
1.Pipeline/2.Personality Crisis/3.Too Much Junkie Business/4.I Love You/5.In Cold Blood/6.Just Another Girl/7. Fourteenth Street Beat/8.Green Onions/9.Alone In A Crowd/10.Countdown Love/11.Size Ten Shoes/12.Ramblin' Rose/13.Sad Vacation/14.Don't Mess With Cupid/15.Have Faith
1.Copy Cats/2.Treat Me Like A Nigger/3.Born To Lose/4.You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory/5.Wild Horses/6.Hurt Me /7.Eve Of Destruction/8.It's Not Enough/9.Chinese Rocks/10.I Wanna Be Loved/11.I Love You/12.Baby Talk/13.Little Bit of Whore
AUD B+ 45+45min(? gen tape)
*** Sound quality is NOT so good,but performance is great!

Live At PARADISE THEATRE,Germany 1985
1.Countdown Love/2.Short Lives/3.So Alnoe/4.Sad Vavation/5.Too Much Junkie Bussiness - Pills/6.Little Bit Of Whore/7.Born To Lose/8.Chinese Rock/9.In The Midnight Hour/10.I Ain't Superstitious/11.Gloria
SBD A-/B+ 45min(? gen tape from FM)

Live At IRVINE PLAZA NYC,Apr,13 1985(With R.Hell & S.Sylvain)
1.Pipeline/2.Blame It On Mom/3.Too Much Junkie Bussiness/4.I Love You/5.So Alone/6.Green Onions/7.Do You Love Me /8.One Track Mind/9.Seven Day Week End/10.Joey/11.Eve Of Destruction/12.Wizard/13.Play With Fire/14.Sad Vacation
1.You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory/2.Hurt Me/3.You Gotta Lose/4.Blank Generation/5.I Wanna Be Loved/6.In Cold Blood/7.Treat Me Like A Nigger/8.Born To Lose/9.Chinese Rocks/10.Fourteenth Street Beat/11.Great Big Kiss
AUD B+ 45min+43min(? gen audience tape)
member:Walter Lure(guitar),Billy Rath(bass) Special Guest:Richard Hell(disc2:track2-4),Sylvain Sylvain(disc2,track10-11)
****** great setlists and fantastic guest!,sound quality is acceptable.recommended


Live Detroit '68-'69
<Unitarian Church,Detroit Aug,9 1968>
1.Come Together/2.I Want You/3.Believe/4.High Rise
<Westfield Highschool ,Detroit Jan,10 1969>
5.It's A Man's World/6.Looking At You/7.Fire Of Love
AUD B 38min(1st gen tape from CD)

Live At Saginaw Civic Center,MI Jan 1, 1970
1.Ramblin' Rose/2.Human Being Lawnmower/3.Tonight /4.Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa/5.It's A Man's Man"s Man's World/6.Teen Age Lust/7.Looking At You/8.Fire Of Love/9.Shakin' Street/10.Starship/11.Kick Out The Jams/12.Black To Comm
SBD B+/A- 47min(LP)

- Unknown - (Live)
1.Back in the USA/2.Rock'n'roll pips/3.Looking at you/4.Unknowed rock/5.Motor city is burning/6.Tutti frutti/7.Kick out the jams/8.19th nervous breakdown
AUD B+ 32min(? Gen tape)

Iggy Pop & the Stooges

The Stooges - RAW MIXES Vol.2 1.Fun House/2.Down On The Street/3.1970/4.Ron Asheton Speaking/5.T.V Eye/6.Loose/7.Dirt
SBD B+ 30min(1st gen Tape From CD)
alternate mixes

The Stooges - LIVE 1971 & EARLY LIVE RARITIES 1.I Got A Right/2.You Don't Want My Name/3.I Need You/4.Who Do You Love/5.See Me Dancing/6.That's What I Like /7.T.V. Eye/8.1970/9.Ron's Jam(inst)/10.What's You Gonna Do
AUD+SBD C/B+ 40min(CD-R)
track 1-6 Live At Kiel Auditorium St Louis, May 1971
track 7-8 Live At Crosley Field Festival Cincinnati ,1970
track 9-10 Live At Wampler's Lake 1966

Iggy & the Stooges - Live At Michigan Palace, Detroit, MI September 6, 1973
1.Raw Power/2.Head On/3.Gimme Danger/4.Search And Destroy/5.Heavy Liquid /6.Open Up And Bleed/7.I Got Nothing/8.I Got Shit/9.Rich Bitch/10.Cock In My Pocket/11.Louie Louie
SBD A- 70min(1st Gen tape from CD)

Iggy & the Stooges - Detroit Rehearsal Tapes, Detroit,'73
1.My Girl Hates My Heroin/2.Cock In My Pocket /3.Head On/4.Hey Baby/5.Search And Destroy/6.Raw Power/7.Gimme Danger/8.Open Up And Bleed/9.Jesus Loves The Stooges/10.How It Hurts
SBD B+/A- 50min(1st Gen tape from CD)

Iggy & the Stooges - Live at Whiskey-A-Go-Go,L,A Sep,16 1973
1.Raw Power/2.Head On/3.Gimme Danger/4.Search And Destroy/5.I Need Somebody/6.New-Orleans/7.Open Up And Bleed/8.She Creatures Of Hollywood Hills
AUD B 60min(CD)

Iggy Pop - Live at Agora,Cleveland Mar,22 '77
1.Raw Power/2.1969/3.Turn Blue/4.Sister Midnight/5.I Need Somebody/6.Search And Destroy/7.TV Eye/8.Dirt /9.Funtime/10.Gimme Danger/11.No Fun/12.I Wanna Be Your Dog
SBD A+ 50min(CD-R)

Iggy Pop - Live at Nihon Seinenkan,Tokyo Japan Apri,22 1987
1.I Got A Right/2.Gimme Danger/3.Winners And Losers/4.Nightclubbing/ 5.China Girl/6.Shades/7.I Wanna Be Your Dog/8.Sister Midnight
SBD A 34min(CD-R from FM)

Iggy Pop - Live at the Channel Club ,Boston July,19 1988
1.Instinct/2.Kill City/3.1969/4.Penetration/5.Power And Freedom/6.High On You/7.Five Foot One/8.Johanna /9.Easy Rider/10.Tuff Baby/11.I Feel Alright/12.Winners And Losers - Scene Of The Crime/13.Search And Destroy/14.Cold Metal/15.Squarehead/16.No Fun/17.I Wanna Be Your Dog
SBD A+ 65min(CD-R)

Flamin' Groovies

Live in San Francisco 1979 and More
1.Feel a Whole Lot Better/2.Between The Lines/3.Please,Please,Me/4.Fall On You/5.From Me To You/6.19th Nervous Breakdown /7.Baby,Please Don't Go/8.Tell Me Again/9.Paint It Black/10.All I Wanted/11.First Plane Home/12.I Can't Hide/13.Shake Some Action /14.Around and Around/15.Let It Rock/16.I Wan't You Bad
SBD A- 74min(CD)
also some bonus tracks(outtakes,single-Bside etc...)

Richard Hell
see also Television & Johnny Thunders

Heartbreakers - Live at CBGB's NYC Sept,7 1975
1.Goin Steady/ 2.Chinese Rock/ 3.Pirate Love/ 4.Can't Keep My Eyes On You/ 5.New Pleasure/6.Blank Generation/7.I Wanna Be Loved
AUD B+ 25min(? gen tape)

Heartbreakers - Live at Mothers NYC Dec,28 1975
1.Goin Steady/2.Chinese Rock/3.Pirate Love/4.Can't Keep My Eyes On You/5.Flight/6.Hurt Me/7.You Gotta Lose/8.Stepinng Stone/9.New Pleasure/10.Blank Generation/11.I Wanna Be Loved
AUD B/B+ 40min(? gen tape)
*** great setlists

Heartbreakers - SBC Studio Demo, NYC Jan,1976
1.Love Comes in Spurts/2.I Wanna Be Loved/3.Blank Generation/4.Chinese Rock/5.Pirate Love/ 6.Can't Keep My Eyes On You/7.Hurt Me/8.Bonus:Chinese Rock
SBD B+ 30min(CD-R)
Hell lead vocals on track1,3,4,6,7,
track 8: Live At CBGBs 1975

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Live at CBGBs NYC,1977
1.Love Comes in Spurts/2.New Pleasure/3.You Gotta Lose/4.Liars Beware/5.Betrayal Takes Two/6.Another World /7.Down at the Rock and Roll Club/8.Walking on the Water/9.Blank Generation/10.Now I Wanna be your Dog
SBD B 35min(CD-R)
date unknown

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Live at Music Machine London,Nov 11 1977
1.Love Comes in Spurts/2.Liars Beware/3.You Gotta Lose/4.improvised "Amuse Yourself" when bass string breaks/5.New Pleasure/6.Walking on the Water/7.The Plan/8.Down at the Rock and Roll Club/9.Blank Generation/10.Now I Wanna be your Dog/11.encore:Ventilator Blues
AUD B+ 40min(2nd gen tape)
*** this is legendary gig
It's the last gig Hell and the Voidoids played in England on the tour with the Clash they did there when Blank Generation was released in London '77. This is the ONLY date they played that tour as headliners, rather than in support of the Clash.The opening group was Siouxie and the Banshees. After the last song of the gig Johnny Rotten(!!!) comes on stage and exhorts the crowd to bring Hell back for an encore.

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Benefit For St. Mark's Church, FM Broadcast 1978
1.The Kid with the Replaceable Head/2.Don't Die/3.Staring in her Eyes/4.You Gotta Lose(Sung by Elvis Costello)/5.Shattered(Elvis on guitar & vocals )
SBD B++ 22min(2nd gen tape from FM)
*** this is short set but great!
track 4 Sung by Elvis Costello and track 5 is Rolling Stones number which is never played before this show and never played again by Voidoids.

Richard Hell & The Voidoids(Mk.III) - Live At Pittsburgh,PA Oct.13 1978
1.Love Comes In Spurts/2.The Kid with the Replaceable Head/3.Walking On The Water /4.Staring In Her Eyes/5.Liars Beware/6.You Gotta Lose/7.Ventilator Blues/8.Betrayal Takes Two /9.Blank Generation/10.Now I Wanna Be YOur Dog/11.Down at the Rock and Roll Club
SBD B/B+ 45min(CD-R)

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Live at DOMINION THEATER London Dec.24 1978
1.The Kids With The Replaceable Head/2.I'm Your Man/3.Walking On The Water/4.You Gotta Lose/5.Staring In Her Eyes/6.Another World/7.Blank Generation/8.Love Comes In Spurts
AUD B+ 29min(LP)
*** this stuff is from my younger brother! :-)

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Into The Void Of Hell - Live at CBGBs 1978
1.I Wanna Be Your Dog/2.You gotta Lose/3.Walking On The Water
AUD B+ 12min(33RPM 7inch)

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - FM radio broadcast from CBGBs in 1978
1.Walking On The Water/2.Staring In Her Eyes/3.Blank Generation
SBD A- 10min(CD-R from FM)
*** only 3 tracks,but nice quality.Awesome Bob's guitar playing.

1.Don't Die/2.Lowest Common Dominator(early version)/3.Love Comes In Spurts/4.Love Comes In Spurts(short)/5.Blank Generation(short) /6.Chinese Rocks/7.PirateLove/8.Australian TV interview(1990?)
SBD B/B+ 20min(Underground Video tape)
track1-3: with The Voidoids(1978)
track4-5: with The Original Voidoids(1976?)
track6-7: with The Heartbreakers(1975)
track8:Australian TV interview(1990?)
source from great COMPILATON VIDEO.I perchased this VIDEO from SUBTERRANEAN RECORDS.

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - MIA Demo Apr,1981
1.Ignore That Door/2.Lowest Common Dominator/3.Hurt Me
SBD B+ 10min(CD-R) *** Studio demo with Johnny Thunders???

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Live at San Fransisco June.14 1982
1.Love Comes In Spurts/2.Lowest Common Dominator/3.The Kids With The Replaceable Head/4.Time/5.You Gotta Lose/6.I Can Only Give You Everything/7.Walking On The Water/8.Staring In Her Eyes
SBD A- 26min(? gen Tape from FM)
*** Coooool performance!!!

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Live at The Irving Plaza,NYC,1982
1.I Can Only Give You Everything/2.Ignore That Door/3.The Kids With The Replaceable Head/4.You Gotta Lose/5.You Gotta Move/6.Downtown At Dawn/7.Love Comes In Spurts
SBD(TV) B/B- 25min(? gen Videp tape from TV)
***I tried to clean up hiss,noise that souce VIDEO tape has,performance is really GREAT but sounds NOT so good

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Live at The Gigant,Apeldoorn Holland,Feb 25 1983
1.I Can Only Give You Everything/2.Blank Generation/3.Lowest Common Dominator/4.Time/5.Don't Die/6.Downtown At Dawn /7.Staring In Her Eyes/8.You Gotta Lose/9.The Kids With The Replaceable Head/10.Walking On The Water/11.Love Comes In Spurts /12.Ignore That Door/13.Going Going Gone/14.You Gotta Move
AUD B++ 49min(? gen tape)
***nice sound quality,but I think there were No Original Voidoids members

Live at LIVING ROOM,PROV.RI. USA Jan.11 1985
1.Intro/2.???/3.???/4.???/5.????/6.Walking On The Water/7.Cruel Way to Go Down/8.Love Comes In Spurts(slow version)/9.Crack Of Dawn/10.The Hunter Was Drawned/11.????/12.I Wanna Be Your Dog
AUD B 60min(? gen tape)
*** I don't know many tracks of this.Can someone tell me?

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Live At Muse Hall,Osaka Japan,Apr,8 1991
1.Ignorore That Door(cut) - All My Witches Come True/2.Don't Die/3.Funhunt/4.???/5.Time/ 6.The Hunter Was Drowned/7.Blank Generation/8.Liars Beware/9.Love Comes In Spurts/10.You Gotta Lose /11.Crack Of Dawn/12.Staring In Her Eyes
AUD B 40min(CD-R From Audience Master Tape)
*** Ivan Juliian on Guitar!,sounds not good,but hot show

Dim Stars - Live at Ritz, NYC Oct,26 1991
1.Dim Star Theme/2.All My Witches Come True/3.Monkey/4.The Night is Coming On/5.Rip Off
AUD B+ 30min(3rd gen tape)
*** Ultra Rare live!,this was the only time the Dim Stars played in public
Dim Stars are
Richard Hell-Bass,Vocals
Thurston Moore - Guitars from Sonic Youth
Steve Shelley - Drums from Sonic Youth
Don Fleming - Guitars from Gumball


Poor Circulation (With Richard Hell)
1.Eat The Light/2.Venus De Milo/3.Excitement/4.I'm Gonna Find You/5.Horizontal Ascensions/6.Close Up/7.You Rip My Feelings Out/8.Hard On Love/9.Excitement/10.Judy/11.Psychotic Reaction/12.What I Heard/13.Change Your Channels/14.Double Exposure/15.Fuck Rock & Roll/16.U.F.O/17.Poor Circulation/18.Blank Generation>
AUD B/B+ 74min(CD-R)
track1-6 rehearsal at Terry Ork's loft '74
track7-15 Max's Kansas City, Aug,'74
track16-17 CBGB's,Jan 17,'75
track18 CBGB,March,'74
*** all with Richard Hell !

Double Exposure(With Richard Hell)
1.Prove It/2.Friction/3.Venus/4.Double Exposure/5.Marquee Moon/6.Fire Engine/7.Blank Generation/8.Double Exposure/9.Hard On Love/10.Friction/11.Careful/12.Prove It/13.Fire Engine/Lit14.tle Johnny Jewel/15.Breakin' In My Heart
SBD A 70min CD
track1-5 Studio demos with Brian Eno
track6-8 Live at CBGBs 1975
track9-14 "Little Johnny Jewel Sessions"
*** must Item of Television's boot!

1.Prove It/2.Friction/3.Venus/4.Marquee Moon/5.Obsession (Double Exposure)/6.High Voltage Pleasure (Fire Engine)
SBD B+ 30min(CD-R)
track1-5 sessions at Hollywood Fairland Studio '74
*** with Richard Hell,seems to be same source as [Double Exposure] bootleg

Live at CBGBs,NewYork Jan,1975(With Richard Hell)
1.Venus/2.UFO/3.Blank Generation/4.Hard On Love (fast version)/5.Fire Engine/6.Double Exposure/7.Marquee Moon/8.Friction/9.Poor Circulation/10.Prove It/11.Breakin' In My Heart/12.Psychotic Reaction (incomplete)
AUD B/B- 61min(CD-R)

Live at CBGBs,NewYork Mar,23.1975(With Richard Hell)
1.Fire Engine/2.Prove It/3.Venus/4.Friction/5.Blank Generation/6.Double Exposure
AUD B+ 25min(CD-R)
*** one of Richard Hell's last show

1.Breakin' In My Heart/2.I Don't Care/3.Little Johnny Jewel/4.Foxhole/5.Double Exposure /6.Prove It/7.Hard On Love/8.Judy/9.O Mi Amore/10.Let Me Out/11.See No Evil/12.Guiding Of Light/13.Grip Of Love /14.Elevation/15.Adventure/16.Whatcha' Doin' On Them Stairs?
AUD B+ 60min(CD)
track 1-5:june 15,1975
track 6:august 8,1975
track 7:august 2,1975
track 8:october 18,1975
track 9-12:december 31,1976
track 13-14:march 12,1976
track 15:december 31,1976
track 16:april 1975
*** great early compilation

Early Gig '75 (With Patti Smith)
1.Fire Engine/2.Judy/3.Poor Circulation/4.Breakin' In My Heart/5.Foxhole/6.We're Going To Have A Real Good Time Together/7.Redondo Beach/8.Birdland/9.Space Monkey/10.Distant Fingers/11.Gloria/12.Venus/13.Marquee Moon/14.Friction
AUD B 74min(CD-R)
track6-11 Patti Smith

Live at Picadilly Inn, Cleveland July,25 1975
1.Fire Engine/2.Hard On Love/3.Poor Circulation/4.Friction/5.Marquee Moon/6.Breakin'In My Heart/7.Careful/8.Little Johnny Jewel/9.Foxhole/10.Kingdom Come
AUD A 66min(CD-R)
*** excellent quality & performance,strongly recommended

Live at Picadilly Inn, Cleveland July,26 1975
1.Fire Engine/2.Prove It/3.I Don't Care (incomplete)/4.Psychotic Reaction/5.Unknown song/6.Hard On Love (slow)/7.Marquee Moon/8.Friction/9.Double Exposure/10.Breakin' In My Heart
AUD A-/A 62min(CD-R)
*** the 2nd night show at Piccadilly Inn

Live at Mother's,New York,Oct,19 1976
1.Fire Engine/2.Judy/3.Friction/4.Torn Curtain/5.Marquee Moon/6.Breakin' In My Heart
AUD B+ 40min(CD-R)

Live at CBGB ,New York,Feb,18 1976
1.Fire Engine/2.Venus/3.Torn Curtain/4.Little Johnny Jewel/5.Prove It/6.Friction/7.Let Me Out/8.Marquee Moon
1.O Mi Amore/2.Poor Circulation/3.Guiding Light/4.Foxhole/5.Knockin' On Heaven's Door/6.Careful/7.Kingdom Come
AUD A-/B+ 51min&42min(2CD-R)
*** greate setlists

Live at CBGB ,New York,Apr,16 1976
1.Poor Circulation/2.Carefule/3.Let Me Out/4.See No Evil/5.Elevation/6.O Mi Amore
AUD B/B+ 30min(CD-R)

Live at CBGB ,New York,March,12 1976
1.Poor Circulation/2.Elevation/3.Let Me Out/4.Grip Of Love/5.Careful/6.Foxhole/7.Kingdom Come/8.Psychotic Reaction
AUD B/B+ 47min(CD-R)

Live at CBGB ,New York,June,30 1976
1.Fire Engine/2.Poor Circulation/3.Elevation/4.Foxhole/5.Venus/6.Knockin' On Heaven's Door/7.Marquee Moon
AUD B+/A- 43min(CD-R)

The Last Time - Live at CBGB,Dec,29 1976
Disk 1:
1.Fire Engine/2.Venus/3.Elevation/4.Little Johnny Jewel/5.Careful/6.Friction/7.Marquee Moon /8.See No Evil/9.Prove It /10.Poor Circulation/11.O Mi Amore/12.Adventure
Disk 2:
1.Knockin' On Heaven's Door/2.Kingdom Come/3.Satisfaction/4.Fire Engine/5.Prove It/6.Elevation/7.Little Johnny Jewel/8.Friction/9.Satisfaction/10.Marquee Moon
AUD A 73min&73min(2CD-R)
*** excellent sound quality & performance,disk2(track4-10)is another show at CBGB,Dec,?? '76
strongly recommended

Live at Whiskey A Go Go LA,Apr,14 1977
1.See No Evil/2.Venus/3.Foxhole/4.Elevation/5.Friction/6.Knockin' On Heaven's Door/7.Marquee Moon
AUD B 44min(CD-R)

Live at Daddy's Dance Hall,Copenhagen,June,15 1977
1.See No Evil/2.Venus/3.Elevation/4.Foxhole/5.Little Johnny Jewel/6.Friction/7.Knockin' On Heaven's Door/8.Marquee Moon/9.Satisfaction
AUD B 74min(CD-R)

Live at CBGBs 1977
1.Fire Engine/2.Prove It/3.Little Johnny Jewel/4.O Mi Amore/5.Torn Curtain/6.Marquee Moon/7.Psychotic Reaction/8.Knockin' On Heaven's Door/9.Venus/10.Friction/11.Guiding Light/12.See No Evil/13.Let Me Out/14.Kingdom Come (cuts)
AUD B 74min(CD-R)

Live Adventures - Live at San Francisco June 29, 1978
1.Dream's Dream/2.Venus/3.Foxhole/4.Careful/5.Ain't That Nothing/6.Friction/7.Marquee Moon/8.Satisfaction/9.Little Johnny Jewel
SBD A- 60min(CD)
*** greate sound!

Live in Francisco 1978
1.Dream's Dream/2.Venus/3.Foxhole/4.Careful/5.Ain't That Nothing/6.Friction/7.Marquee Moon/8.Satisfaction/9.Little Johnny Jewel
SBD A 60min(CD)
*** same "Live adventures"

Live at Earth Tavern Portland,July,2 1978
1.Dream's Dream/2.Elevation/3.Glory/4.Foxhole/5.Little Johnny Jewel/6.Ain't That Nothing/7.Friction/8.Marquee Moon
AUD A-/B+ 63min(CD-R from FM)
*** much better quality than LP version(but imcomplete)

Live Portland Oregon 1978 - Live at Earth Tavern July 2, 1978
1.Dream's Dream/2.Elevation/3.Glory/4.Foxhole/5.Little Johnny Jewel/6.Ain't That NothingFriction/7.Marquee Moon/8.Poor Circulation/9.Satisfaction/10.Fire Engine/11.A Mi A MoRe/12.Adventure
AUD B+ 39min&42min(LP)
*** complete setlists,provide by 2CD-R

Live at The Place,Seattle July 3, 1978
1.Dream's Dream/2.Venus/3.Foxhole/4.Elevation/5.Glory/6.Ain't That Nothin'/7.Friction/8.Marquee Moon/9.See No Evil
SBD/AUD A-/B+ 55min(CD-R)
*** First half of show is from soundboard tape,2nd half from audience tape

This Case is Closed - Live at The Bottom Line, New York. July 29, 1978
1.Fire Engine/2.Glory/3.Grip Of Love/4.Foxhole/5.Dream's Dream/6.Ain't That Nothin'/7.Prove It/8.Marquee Moon/9.Kingdom Come/10.Satisfaction
AUD B+ 75min(CD)

Rolling Stones Tribute - Live At Max's Nov,7 1978
1.Live With Me/2.All Over Now/3.Wild Horses/4.One More Try/4.Tumblin' Dice/5.Play With Fire/6.She Sais Yeah/7.Under My Thumb/8.Brown Sugar/9.Jumpin' Jack Flash/10.Susie Q/11.Around Around/12.Cocksucker Blues/13.The Last Time
AUD B 57min(? gen tape)
*** Richard Lloyd plays stones cover with special band and guest
Richard Lloyd(Vocal/Guitar)-Ivan Kral(Guitar)-Jerry Nolan(Drums)-Billy Rath(Bass)
track5 with Lanny Kaye,track 10-11 with Robert Gordon,track12-13 with Johnny Thunders!

Tom Verlaine - Live at Ritz NYC,June 4 1982
1.There's A Reason/2.Souvenir From A Dream/3.Coming Apart/4.Kingdom Come/5.True Story/6.Clear It Away/7.Always/8.Penetration/9.Breakin' In My Heart
/1.A Future In Noise/2.Marquee Moon/3.Days On The Mountain/4.Glory(cuts)
SBD A 50min&42min(2CD-R)
*** Excellent Sound

Richard Lloyd - Live In New Jersey?,Oct 11 1986
1.Field Of Fire/2.Roll It Back/3.Keep On Dancin/4.Already Gone/5.Backtrack/6.The Only Feeling/7.Lowdown
SBD? A-/B+ 40min(CD-R)

Tom Verlaine - Live at Quasimodo,Berlin,Apri 3 1987
1.Rotation/2.Souvenir From A Dream/3.Dissolve-Reveal/4.Bomb/5.The Scientist Writes A Leter /6.Penetration/7.Swim/8.Clear It Away/9.Kingdom Come/10.Marquee Moon/11.Glory/12.Psychotic Reaction /13.Red Leaves
AUD B+ 70min(CD-R)

Tom Verlaine - Live at Muse Hall,Kyoto Japan Sept,3 1991
*** Solo acoustic gig,setlists now working...
AUD B+/B 44min&40min(2CD-R)

Tom Verlaine - Live at Live at Club Quattro, Osaka Japan Sept,4 1991
*** Solo acoustic gig,setlists now working...
AUD B+/B 72min(CD-R)

Interference - Live at Glasstonbury June 26 1992
1.Glory/2.Venus/3.Senses Are Shot/4.Call Mr Lee/5.Prove It/6.In My World/7.No Glamour For Willi(incomplete)/8.See No Evil/9.1880 Or SO
AUD A-/B+ 53min(LP)

Live at Club Quattro, Osaka,Japan Sept 4 1992
1.Venus/2.In World/3.No Glamour For Willi/4.Glory/5.Beauty Trip/6.Call Mr. Lee/7.Prove It
1.This Tune (cuts)/2.The Rocket/3.Rhyme/4.See No Evil/5.Marquee Moon(cuts)
AUD A-/B+ 47min&38min(2CD-R)

Live at Mido Kaikan, Osaka,Japan Sept 5 1992
1.Intro/2.Venus/3.In World/4.No Glamour For Willi/5.Glory/6.Beauty Trip/7.Call Mr. Lee/8.Prove It
1.This Tune/2.The Rocket/3.Rhyme/4.See No Evil/5.1880 Or So/6.Marquee Moon
AUD B/B+ 45min&45min(2CD-R)

Rose of My Heart - Live at Sunplaza-Nakano,Tokyo Japan Sept 6 1992
1.Crescendo/2.Venus/3.In World/4.Glory/5.Call Mr. Lee/6.Prove It/7.This Tune/8.The Rocket/9.See No Evil/10.1880 Or So/11.Marquee Moon
AUD A- 73min(CD)

Live at Living Arts, Philadelphia Dec 2 1992
1.Prove It/2.1880 Or So/3.This Tune/4.Venus/5.Beauty Trip/6.No Glamour For Willi/7.Call Mr. Lee/8.The Rocket/9.Rhyme/10.In World/11.Marquee Moon (imcomplete)
AUD A 70min(CD-R from original DAT master!)
*** strongly recommended

Live at Great American Music Hall, S.F Dec 8 1992
1.1880 Or So/2.This Tune/3.Venus/4.Beauty Trip/5.No Glamour For Willi/6.Call Mr. Lee/7.The Rocket/8.Rhyme
1.Prove It/2.In World/3.Marquee Moon/4.Glory/5.Little Johnny Jewel/6.Don't Need Your Lovin'
AUD A 45min & 45min(2CD-R from Audience DAT)
*** strongly recommended

Tom Verlaine Live at Tramps,NYC Dec 6 1996
1.Intro/2.Kaleidoscopin/3.Souvenir From A Dream/4.Soul Freedom 2000/5.Magic Tree/6.This Tune/7.Rhyme/8.Weirded Out
1.Scientist Writes A Letter/2.???/3.Stalingrad/4.Psychotic Reaction/5.Pillow/6.Clear It Away/7.???/8.Kingdom Come/9.Marquee Moon
AUD A- 45min&65min(2CD-R)

Pere Ubu

Peter Laughner - Live at Coffebreak Concer,Cleveland,OH Sept,20 1972
1.Hesitation Blues/2.The Sidewalks Of NY/3.Willing/4.Biscuit Rover/5.King Solomon's Mine/6.Police Dog Blues /7.Mama Taint Long Before Day/8.Please Mrs.Henry/9.The Mean Ol' Frisco/10.Drunkard's Lament/11.Happy Bules /12.Oh Such A Fine Night/13.That's The Story Of My life/14.Fat City Jive/15.T For Texas
SBD A 50min(CD-R from WMMS FM)
*** Extremelly rare,Peter's acoustic live

Rocket From The Tombs - Life Stinks
<Loft Demos WMMS Radio Broadcast Feb,18 '75>
1.Intro(Raw Power)/2.So Cold/3.Never Gonna Kill Myself Again/4.What Love Is/5.Ain't It Fun/6.Transfusion/7.Life Stinks/8.Muckraker/9.30 Seconds over Tokyo /10.Satisfaction
<Live Agora Radio Broadcast May,5 '75>
1.Transfusion/2.Final Solution/3.Muckraker/4.Frustration/5.Seventeen/6.30 Seconds Over Tokyo/7.Down In Flames/8.Search and Destroy
SBD? B 48min&35min(? Gen tape from LP)
*** rare! provide by 2CDR

<Rocket From The Tombs,AGORA CLEVE,OH May,5 1975>
1.Transfusion/2.Final Solution/3.Muckraker/4.Frustration/5.Seventeen/6.30 Sec over Tokyo
<Pere Ubu,AGORA CLEVE,OH Jan,12 1976>
7.Heart Of Darkness/8.Cloud 149/9.Sentimental Journey/10.Life Stinks/11.Final Solution/12.Pushin Too Hard
<Pere Ubu,MISTAKE CLUB,CLEVE,OH May ,5 1976>
AUD B/B+ 75min(1st Gen tape from CD)
*** all with Peter Laughner

Live at MISTAKE CLUB,CLEVE,OH May ,5 1976
1.Intro/2.Heart Of Darkness/3.Cloud 149/4.Street Waves/5.30 Second Over Tokyo/6.Life Stinks/7.Final Solution/8.Pushin Too Hard/9.Over My Head/10.Sentimental Journey/11.Can't believe It/12.I Wanna Be Your Dog/13.Heroin
AUD B+ 75min(? Gen tape)
*** last gig with Peter Laughner

Patti Smith

Roots - A collection of cover versions 1974 - 1979
1.Hey Joe(Electric Ladyland Studios NYC 5/6/74 with Tom Verlaine on guitar)/2.We're gonna have a real good time together/3.Pale blue eyes/4.Louie,Louie/5.Time is on my side/6.Gloria/7.(So you want to be a) Rock'n'roll star/8.Privilege (set me free)/9.5-4-3-2-1/10.Jailhouse Rock/11.You really got me /12.Be my baby/13.Hang on to tomorrow/14.Cold turkey/15.For your love/16.All along the watchtower/17.It's so hard/18.You light up my life/19.The kids are alright/20.No Jestering/21.White Christmas/22.My Generation
SBD A- 75min(CD-R)
track 1: Electric Ladyland Studios NYC 5/6/74 with Tom Verlaine on guitar
track2-5:Concerthouse, Stockholm, Sweden 3/10/76
track6: Olympia, Paris,France,Easter Sunday 1978)
track7-9:Grughalle, Essen, West Germany 22/4/79
track10-11,20,22:The place, Eugene, Oregon 4/5/78
track12-13:Tower theatre,Philadelphia 13/5/79
track14-16:CBGB's NYC, Summer of '79 track17-19:Civic Centre, Santa Monica 12/5/78
track21:Bearsville Studios, NY, Winter of '78

Free Music Store - WBAI RADIO in NYC,May.28.1975
1.We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together/2.Things Just Ain't The Same/3.Birdland/4.Redondo Beach/5.Space Monkey/6.Snowball/7.Distant Fingers/8.Break It Up/9.Gloria
SBD A- 46min(CD-R)

New York 1975 - WBAI RADIO in NYC,May.28.1975
1.We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together/2.The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game/3.Birdland/4.Redondo Beach/5.Space Monkey/6.Snowball/7.Distant Fingers/8.Break It Up/9.Gloria-Sheherazade/10.Aisle of Love/11.Piss Factory/12.Horses
SBD A-/B+ 65min(CD-R)
*** another version of WBAI RADIO in NYC,May.28.1975 show
track 11-12 from Patti's early 1975 Central Park performance

Live at Bottom Line NYC,Dec.28.1975
1.My Mafia/2.Nigger Book/3.Sally/4.Rape/5. I Was Working Real Hard /6.We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together/7.Privilege (Set Me Free)/8.Ain't It Strange/9.Space Monkey/10.Redondo Beach/11.Free Money
1.Pale Blue Eyes - Louie Louie/2.Pumping My Heart/3.My Mafia/4.Birdland/5.Horses - Gloria/6.Time Is On My Side/7.My Generation
SBD A-/B+ 41min&45min(? tape from FM)
*** disc1:track1-4 rap spoken

Teenage Perversity and Ships in the Night - Live At The Roxy,L.A.,Jan 30,1976
1.Real Good Time Together/2.Set Me Free/3.Ain't It Strange/4.Kimberly/5.Redondo Beach/6.Pale Blue Eyes - Louie Louie/7.Pumping(My Heart) /8.Birdland/9.Gloria/10.My Generation
SBD A/A- 52min(1st CD-R clone from LP)

I Never Talked To Bob Dylan - The Conserthouse,Stockholm,Oct.3.1976
1.We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time Together/2.Redondo Beach/3.Free Money/4.Pale Blue Eyes/5.Ask The Angels/6.Ain't It Strange/7.Time Is On My Side/8.Radio Ethiopia--Rock'n Roll Nigger/9.Gloria/10.Land
SBD A 54min(CD-R)

Patti Smith Group,A Heavy Rock & Roll-The Place,Eugene,Oregon,May 04 1978
1.Horses--Rock&Roll Nigger/2.Privirage(Set Me Free)/3.Lenny's Song/4.Free Money/5.Pissing In A River/6.25th Floor/7.My Heart Is Pumping/8.You Really Got Me/9.Time Is On My Side/10.Ghost Dance/11.Because The Night
1.Easter/2.Radio Ethiopia--Gloria/3.Jailhouse Rock/4.My Generation/5.Horses/6.Rock&Roll Nigger/7.Privirage/8.Space Monkey/9.Till Victory/10.Redondo Beach
SBD A 60min&60min(CD-R)
disk2(track5-10)is another show at Santa Monica,California,May 12 '78

Patti Smith Group - Live In Paris, 1978
1.Ask The Angels Words And Music/2.25th Floor/3.High on Rebellion/4.Till Victory/5.Set Me Free/6.Because The Night/7.Gloria/8.Ask The Angels/9.Free Money/10.I Was Working Real Hard/11.Keith Richard's Blues/12.I Was Working Real Hard(reprise)
SBD A/A- 60min(CD-R)

Patti Smith Group Philadelphia Rock 1978
1.Set Me Free/2.Till Victory/3.Rockn' Roll Star/4.Citizen Ship/5.Redondo Beach/6.Jailhouse Rock/7.25th Floor/8.5-4-3-2-1/9.Be My Baby/10.Because The Night/11.Frederick/12.Gloria/13.Pumping/14.My Generation
SBD A 72min(CD-R)

Patti Smith Group Live At GBGB'S. NY 1979
1.Glass Factory/2.Redondo Beach/3.Song For Jim Morrison/4.Kimberly/5.Dancing Barefoot/6.Space Monkey/7.Privilege(Set Me Free)/8.25th Floor/9.Cold Turkey/10.For Your Love/11.Revenge
1.Fredelick/2.Seven Ways Of Going/3.Poppies/4.All Along The Watchtower/5.Spider And Fly 1985/6.So You Want To Be A Rock'n' Roll Star/7.5-4-3-2-1/8.Twist And Shout/9.My Generation
SBD A+ 72min&72min(2CD-R)

Live At Roskilde Festival Denmark,June 30.1996
1.Wicked Messinger/2.Redondo Beach/3.Because The Night/4.Dancing Barefoot/5.Beneath The Sothern Cross/6.Walking Blind/ 7.Summer Canibals/8.About A Boy/9.Free Money/10.Wild Leaves/11.People Have The Power(Spoken)/12.Gone Again-Land-R'n'R Nigger
AUD B+ 69min(CD-R from Audience tape)

DIVINE INTERVENTION - Live At Roskilde Festival Denmark,June 30.1996
1.Wicked Messinger/2.Redondo Beach/3.Because The Night/4.Dancing Barefoot/5.Beneath The Sothern Cross/6.Walking Blind/ 7.Summer Canibals/8.About A Boy/9.Free Money/10.Wild Leaves/11.People Have The Power(Spoken)/12.Gone Again/13.Land-R'n'R Nigger
AUD B+ 69min(CD-R)
diffierent souce of Roskilde Festival 1996

AFTER THE RAINBOW HAS GONE AGAIN - Live at Tempodrom,Berlin July,30 1996
Disc 1:
1.Wing/2.Dancing barefoot/3.Summer cannibals/4.Smoke On The Water/5.Wicked messenger/6.Redondo beach/7.Ghost Dance/8.Hands Of Fate/9.Free Money
Disc 2:
1.About A Boy/2.The Crystal Ship/3.When Doves Cry-Ain't It Strange/4.Because The Night/5.Red leaves/6.People have the power(spoken)/7.Gone again/8.People Have The Power/9.Land -Horses-Land of Thousand Dances-Gloria/10.Farewell Reel
AUD B+/A- 45min&45min(CD-R)
*** Tom Verlaine on guitar

SHAKE OUT THE GHOST - Live at Hamburg Aug,1 1996
1.Wing/2.People have the power/3.Dancing barefoot/4.Summer cannibals/5.Wicked messenger/6.Ghost dance/7.Redondo beach/8.Crystal ship/9.When doves cry/10.Wild leaves/11.People have the power(spoken)/12.Gone again/13.Because the night/14.Set me free/15.Till victory
tracks1-13 at Hamburg tracks 14-15 source unknown
SBD A 71min(CD-R from FM?)
*** Tom Verlaine on guitar!,excellent sound

Live at Koseinenkin-Kaikan, Osaka Japan Jan.14.1997
1.People Have The Power/2.Kimberly/3.Redondo Beach/4.Dancing Barefoot/5.Dead City/6.Radio Ethiopia/7.Gost Dance/8.Beneath The Southern Cross/9.Walking Blind/10.Summer Cannibals/11.Free Money/12.Living In The Love Of The Common People/13.Wicked Messenger
AUD A+ 70min(CD-R from Audience MD Master)
*** superb sound!

Live In Adelaide Aus Aug,24.1998
1.People Have The Power/2.Wicked Messenger/3.Spell/4.Dancing Barefoot/5.Because The Night/6.Beneath The Southern Cross/7.Dead City/ 8.R'n'R Nigger/9.Rockin' In The Free World.
AUD B 47min(CD-R from Audience tape)

Live at Queens Wharf Event Centre,Wellington New Zealand Sept,10 1998
1.Wicked Messenger/2.Dancing Barefoot/3.Waiting Underground/4.Beneath The Southern Cross/5.Wing/6.Dead City/7.Memento Mori/8.People Have The Power
AUD B+ 52min(CD-R)

Live at Bowery Ballroom,NYC July,30.1998
1.Piss Factory/2.Paint It Black/3.Summer Cannibals/4.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/5.Wing,Pissing In A River/6.Rockin' The FreeWorld/7.Don't Say Nothing
1.About A Boy/2.Dead City/3.People Have The Power/4.Rock And Roll Nigger/5.Land Of 1000 Dances/6.Gloria
AUD B+ 48min&47min(CD-R from Audience DAT Master)

ONE MORE REVOLUTION - Live at Southwest Music Festival,Austin Texas,March 15,2000
1.Dead City/2.Redondo Beach/3.Gone Pie/4.Pissing In A River/5.Pumping/6.Boy Cried Wolf/7.Ghost Dance/8.Beneath The Southern Cross /9.Dancing Barefoot/10.Glitter/11.Don't Say Nothing/12.Seven Ways Of Going
1.Free Money/2.Wing/3.Gung Ho/4.People Have The Power/5.Babelogue~Rock'n Roll Nigger/6.Beneath The Southern Cross/7.Grateful /8.Dancing Barefoot/9.People Have The Power
AUD&SBD B+/A 48min&47min(2CD-R)

Talking Heads

Live At CBGBs,NYC 31,May '77
1.Take Me To The River/2.No Compassion/3.Happy Day/4.Tentative Decisions/5.???/6.The Book I Read/7.Who Is It ?/8.Uh Oh Love Comes To Town/9.Love Goes To Building On Fire/10.Psycho Killer/11.Pulled Up/12.New Feeling/13.Don't Worry About The Government/14. A Clean Break/15.I'm Not In Love
AUD,B 59min(CD-R)

1.Artists Only/2.Stay Hungry/3.Cities/4.Paper/5.Heaven/6.Electric Guitar/7.Air/8.New Feeling/9.Love Goes To Building On
Fire/10.Found A Job/11.Psycho Killer/12.LIfe During Wartime/13.Take Me To The River
SBD,A 62min(CD-R)


DEMO TAPE late '74
1. I Don't Wanna Go Down In The Basement/2.53rd & 3rd/3.I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/4.Judy Is A Punk/5.Loudmouth/6.Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue/7.I Can't Be/8.Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World/9.I Don't Wanna Be Tamed/10.I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You/11.You're Gonna Kill That Girl/12.I Know Your Name/13.Sitting Here With Nothing To Do/14.You Should Never Have Opened That Door
SBD,B+ 30min(? gen tape)

Live At The Club Cambridge,BOSTON Dec,5 '76
1.Blitzgrieg Bop/2.I Remember You/3.Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment/4.I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/5.53rd & 3rd/6.Havana Affair/7.California Sun/8.Judy Is A Punk/9.I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You/10.Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World/11.Beat On The Brat/12.Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue/13.Swallow My Pride/14.Glad To See You Go/15.Chain Saw/16.Listen To My Heart/17.Babysitter/18.Oh, Oh I Love Her So/19.Commando/20.Let's Dance
AUD,A-/B+ 40min(? gen tape from LP?)

Live At Whiskey A Go-Go LOS ANGELES Nov,24 '77
1.Rockaway Beach/2.Commando/3.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow/4.Surfin' Bird/5.Cretin Hop/6.Listen To My Heart/7.California Sun/8.I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You/9.Pinhead/10.Suzy Is A Headbanger/11.Chainsaw/12.Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
SBD,A-/B+ 28min(? gen tape from FM)

1.Rockaway Beach/2.Teenage Lobotomy/3.Blitzkrieg Bop/4.I Wanna Be Well/5.Glad See You/6.Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment/7.Kill That Girl/8. /8.I Just Want To Have Something To Do/10.Sheena Is A Punk Rocker/10.Havana Affair/11.Commando/12.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow/13.Surfin' Bird/14.Cretin Hop/15.Listen To My Heart/16.California Sun/17.I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You/18.Pinhead/19.Do You Wanna Dance/20.Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue/21.We're A Happy Family
AUD,B 46min(? gen tape)

Live At Palladium,NYC Dec,31 '78
1.Blitzkrieg Bop/2.Teenage Lobotomy/3.Rockaway Beach/4.I Don't Want You/5.Go Mental/6.Gimmie Some Shock Treatment/7.I Wanna Be Sedated/8.I Just Want To Have Something To Do/9.She's The One/10.This Ain't Havana/11.Sheena Is A Punk Rocker/12.Havana Affair/13.Commando/14.Needles And Pins/15.I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/16.Surfin' Bird/17.Cretin Hop/18.All The Way/19.Judy Is A Punk/20.California Sun/21.I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You/22.Today Your Love,Tommorow The World/23.Pinhead/24.Do You Wanna Dance/25.Suzy Is A Head Banger/26.Let's Dance/27.Chinese Rock/28.Beat On The Brat /29.We're A Happy Family/30.Bad Brain/31.I Wanted Everything
SBD,A- 57min(? gen tape from FM)

Live At City Hall Plazza,San Francisco June,8 '79
1.Rockaway Beach/2.Teenage Lobotomy/3.Blitzkrieg Bop/4.I Don't Want You - Go Mental/5.Gimmie Some Shock Treatment /7.Rock'n'Roll Highschool/8.I Wanna Be Sedated/9.I Just Want To Have Something To Do/10.This Ain't Havana/11.Sheena Is A Punk Rocker/12.Havana Affair/13.Commando/14.I Want You Around/15.Surfin' Bird/17.Cretin Hop/18.Listen To My Heart/19.California Sun/21.I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You/22.Today Your Love,Tommorow The World/23.Pinhead
SBD,A-/B+ 46min(? gen tape from FM)

Live At Tomorrow TV Show Sept,1 '81
1Introduction-I Wanna Be Sedated/2.The KKK Took My Baby Away/3.Introduction - We Want The Airwaves
SBD,B+ 7min(? gen tape)

Blitzkreig In Athens - Live At The Rodon Club ,Athnes,Greece Mar 13,1989
1.Druango '95 - Blitzkrieg Bop/2.Teenage Lobotomy/3.Psychotherapy/4.Do You Remember RockN' Roll?/ 5.I Belive In Miracles/6.Gimmie Some Shock Treatment - Rock N' Roll Highschool - I Wanna Be Sedated/7.Beat On The Brat/8.Chinese Rocks/9.Bonzo Goes To Bitburg/10.Go Mental/11.Sheena Is A Punk Rocker - Rockaway Beach/12.Pet Cemetary/13.Don't Bust My Chops/14.She's The One/15.Mama's Boy/16.Wart Hog/17.Surfin Bird/18.Cretin Hop/19.I Don't Walk Around With You - Today Your Love,Tommorow The World/20.Pinhead/21.I Wanna Live/22.Do You Wanna Dance/23.Palisades Park - We're A Happy Family
SBD,A/A- 63min(CD-R)

Dead Boys

Live At CBGBs,NYC 1976
1.Sonic Reducer/2.All This and More/3.What Love Is/4.Not Anymore/5.Nothing To Do/6.Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth
AUD,B/B- 14min(? gen tape)

Live At CBGBs,NYC Apr,7 1977
1.Sonic Reducer/2.All This and More/3.What Love Is/4.Time Bomb/5.Nothing To Do/6.Death May Be Your Santa Claus /7.I Need Lunch/8.Search And Destroy
AUD,B- 30min(? gen tape)

Live At The Old Waldorf,San Francisco Nov,1 1977
1.Sonic Reducer/2.All This and More/3.Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth /4.I Won't Look Back/5.Not Anymore/6.What Love Is/7.Flame Thrower Love/8.Son of Sam/9.Down In Flames
SBD,B+ 30min(CD-R)

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