xpce 0.11

(update: 1998/12/12)

Windows(DirectX3)version xpce(v0.11a) Download(122KB): xpce011a.zip
Windows(DirectX3)version xpce source(v0.11a) Download(87KB): xpce011as.zip

xpce is a port of bero's fpce 0.0 to Windows (utilizing DirectX).

At runtime, since I think there may be problems leading to things like hang-ups and hard-resets, please take measures to backup (save), ect.

I cannot take responsibility for problems occuring because of this program. Only problem reports (bug reports) are welcome.

To load zipped cart image, please install unzip32.dll.

As forusing sound, please change Sound=0 to Sound=1 in the xpce.ini file which is created when it is run the first time.

People who cannot get any sound on a PC9821V166~200, should set the audio preferences or midi setting to OPL3-SA PLAYBACK (thanks for the info BARGON)

Populus is populous.pce.

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Open xpce from Explorer or drop a cart image on the xpce icon.

I (rapid fire)A
II (rapid fire)S
toggle auto frame skipF2
lessen frame skip rateF3
increase frame skip rateF4
toggle FPSF7
toggle resolutionF8
exitesc or f10
Movement is with the cursor keys. Since there are times when the auto-frame skip does not init correctly, or when movement becomes wierd (unnatural), please toggle this off. You can also use a joystick (for operation). For which buttons correspond to what, please push the buttons and experiment. The initial vaules are: Frameskip=0, AutoFrameSkip, and 320x240 screen resolution.

.INI File
When run for the firsttime, there will be a file called xpce.ini created in the same directory as xpece.exe. If you edit this, you can change the assignments of the keyboard and joystick buttons. The assignment for the joystick buttons will go from the numerical values of 0 to 31. The keyboard uses the uppercase alphabet or pre-decided keywords. The principle keys are as follows:
Number-key(s)NUM1 (etc.)
Furthermore, full-keyboard number pads cannot be used. A complete list of all the keywords starts on line 472 of the source file MainFrame.cpp.

The [Sound] section's CoopModel is DirectSound's coooperation level.
0 is highest efficiency (Maybe).

Latency is the sound buffering size. Its small enough that timing is accurate. In the case that there is noise, please make it bigger. It is limited to 20~100.

If the [Others] section's Makelog is set to 1, it will record/log DirectDraw and DirectSound's management. When there is an unexpected quit, it may know where it crashed.

Furthermore, when there is an error, reguarless of the value (of Makelog) it will create a log. The file's name is xpce.log.

Save files will be created in the same directory as cart image file. This directory can be modified in xpce.ini.(SaveDir) For the file name, it will change the cart file's extention to .st0.

Not Yet Implemented Functionality

About the Source
Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 and DirectX SDK are required for complation.

Version History
Fixed a bug in sprites.
Fixed a bug concerning raster scroll.
Speeded up CPU core emulation.
Made it possible to specify display resolution.
Made it possible to load a zipped image.
Fixed scroll operation.
Fixed interrupt.
State save file directory saved in the .ini file.
Fixed a bug in the timer.
Fixed a bug that caused it to quit unexpectedly when sound is not used.
Fixed a bug in the timer.
Fixed many things in sound.
Fixed a bunch of things related to DirectSound
Made it so when there is an error a log is left.
Fixed a bunch of things related to VDC.
Added a few things to be saved in the ini file.
Fixed the fact that the high and low for the noise sound was wrong.
Dealt with backup-memory.

This software is freeware. You can use it non-commercially. PC-Engine is registered trademarks of NEC-HE.

mail: hmmx@geocities.co.jp