UC Micropropagation,Inc.

Good seedlings created by tissue culture technique !!


UC Micropropagation,Inc.was incorporated in

the year 2000 and was registered with

the Securities and Exchange Commission

under S.E.C Reg.No. H200000463.

UCMI is a pioneering company in Northern

Mindanao producing in commercial scale mutant

coconut seedlings through embryo culture technique.

It is known as emakapunof, a soft, spongy meat that

almost fill the cavity of the nut with very viscous liquid.

UCMI is at present engaged in the mass production

of tissue-cultured banana, abaca,and ornamentals

for domestic needs.

UCMI is backed-up by foreign experts to produce

seedlings of high quality and excellent crop yield.

UCMI is now working to penetrate their products

in the international market.