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Pictures in Persia ('95-'99)

Welcome to Persia. The cultural and artistic cities!

Persepolis, the ancient ruins
The ruins is for 2500 years ago, very famous in the world.
Isfahan, the old city
Artistic old capital city. A lot of sightseeing place.
Artist in Isfahan
Artists make traditional handycrafts.
Traditional tablecloths
Traditional tablecloths need a lot of work. They are made in Isfahan.
Persian carpet museum
 The carpet museum in Tehran has many antique carpets.
House in Tehran
Please have a look the normal life of Tehran.
Town in Tehran
Tehran city is especially beautiful at night.
Tehran with snow
Tehran has a lot of snow in the winter.
The northern city, Ardebil
We visited the village and the hot spa in the country side.
Animals in Iran
I met many kinds of animals in Iran.

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