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Travel note in Persia ('95) the 1st part

Iran is not a far country but a familiar country.
I got such impresion after I visited there.

Tehran - welcome -

1, Uneasy departure
I was anxious to visit Iran and the relatives.
2, Salam!!
We arrived at Tehran airport. I was so welcomed by everyone.
3, Greenery Tehran
Middle east has not only desert. Tehran is full of green.
4, The house from now
We arrived at the parents house. A happy ceremony was done.
5, Welcome party
They served Chai, juice, fruits etc. Eat! Eat!
6, Dance until midnight
The welcome party continued until midnight.
7, Many souvenirs
We opened our laggages and gave the souvenirs. The life began in Iran.
8, Surrounded by gladiolus
We still had many guests. Then brought the bouquets  and  so on.

Tehran - dairy life -

9, The first drive
I went to the town for the first time.
10, I can't eat any more !
They serve me too much. There is heartful hospitarity.
11, Hard days
We had to visit many relatives. I had so hard days.
12, Pleasure in Iran
They have many amusements like parties, shopping and so on.
13, The carpet museum
There ware various Persian carpets. I was acustomed to stay here.
14, Marriage meeting
Most of the marriages in Iran are arranged marriage.
15, The time to pray
What the religion means in Iran?

Ardebil and Caspean sea

16, Let's go to Ardebil
We all together went to Ardebil, the northen city of Iran.
17, Crossed the foggy peak
Drived through the mountain.
18, A woman at a village
We went to a village near Ardebil city
19, Colorful traditional cloths
We arrived at the hot spring resort, Sarein
20, A shepherd boy
On the way to a small village
21, Hearty welcome
We met some heartful women at the village.
22, Hot spring
Sarein is a famous hot spring.
23, Some scenes on the trip
We went to buy a Persian carpet.
24, Am I a famous Japoni ?

25, Caspean seaside

26, Place like heaven

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