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Lisboã, Porto(2004)
(Above) Very famous cablecars of Lisboã, from left do Lavre, Gloria and da Bica. Previous two have flat floor and long face of lower side, while Bica consists of stair cases. (Left) A small old Tram #28.
A new line Fertagus opened on July 29 1999 as the first private railway in Portugal. Fertagus goes across the Tejo runnnig on the ponte 25 de Abril. This name of the bridge is based on April 25th 1974, when the dispotic government fell down. (right) A round trip ticket from Areeiro/Roma to Fogueteiro ,(Center) At Fogueteiro station.
Many pictures of trains taken were stolen within my digital camera as awhole.The only one picture left is taken by silver salt film.
Refer to the home-pages of Fertagus.(Copyright with pemission).
Lisboã Santa Apolónia Station, &

The train slowed down due to double track construction in sections, south of Coimbra B.
Porto São Bento Station The Tunnel is limiting the length of Platform. This reminds me Shibuya station of Inokashira line in Tokyo. Therefore, change from long distance trains of many cars are mandatory at Porto Campanhã station. The hall is decorated with beautiful Azleijoes ( blue tiles).
Metro of Porto (Upper left is at Trindade station) is working from Mattsinho to Trindade from Dec. 7 2002. Section between Trindade and Campanhã station is still under construction. (Lower left) A new north - south line to connect Vila Nova de Gaia using upper surface of the Ponte de Dom Luis I is also under construction . Bus lines are shifted to new bridge, Ponte do Infante. A funicular is also under construction. (Lower right) Night view of wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia.
On June 5. 2004, a few days before the European Footbal Game, the section between Trindade - Estádio do Drgão was opened. Campanha station to connect CP was also opened. After that, on Sept. 17. 2005 new D-line (Yellow line) was opened from Polo Universitário to Camara Gaia via São Bento station and Dom Luis I bridge.
On Dec. 5. 2005, prolongation of 804m to João de Deus was made in Vila Nova Gaia.
Old Trams of Porto. Two lines (1E & 18) are remaining. 1E line is single tracked and run along the Douro.
Travel to Salzburg, Schafberg, Innsbruck
Schafbergbahn (sheeo-mount Railway)
I have been to Salzburg via Wien, and then to St. Wolfgang to get on the Schafbergbahn
Decorated Entrance to Schafbergbahn Arriving Train
Snapshots at Schafbergspitze (Top of Schafberg)
The train leaving after passing each other.
The succesive train. The top of Schafberg station at the level of 5679ft.
Achenseebahn (Lake-Achen Railway)
Previously, I have bought train tickets through internet or directly at the points. It is the first time to use the rail pass, as the schedule of this time includes small train trips that go on the same route repeatedly, I have bought the swiss-austria rail pass. After the varidation at Sa;zburg station, I took ÖEC562 to Innsbruck not stopping at Jenbach. After registration to the hotel, I have returned to the station to go to Jenbach, and experienced the tour of Achenseebahn
Snapshots of the Achenseebahnn All but last one are from my wife's album. Pictures of my own are lost due to erroneous operation of the digital camera.
Achensee.mp4 The trains crossed each other at the intermediate station.
Zillertalbahn (Ziller Valley Railway)
On the next morning, I have been to Jenbach again to get on the Zillertalbahn that depart at 10:47 with a steam locomotive. to Mayrhofen.I have returned to Jenbach by a Diesel car after lunch.
A steam locomotive preparing to the posiition.
Jenbach.mp4 Coupling of the locomotive to passenger cars at Jenbach station.
The train waiting for departure.
At Mayrhofen station. Diesel cars are on the other line. A steam locomotive leaving Mayrhofen station.
Mayrhof.mp4 A steam train departing Mayrhof station.
Trams in the Innsbruck city: As the rail in front of the Innsbruck main station was not running due to reconstruction of the station area, I could not utilize the tram.
Upper 5 snapshots are Tram in Innsbruck ÖEC160 Maria Theresia arriving
at the Innsbruck main station.
Travel in Zürich, Luzern, Pilatus & Rigi
From Zürich to Alpnachstad changing at Luzern, I have got on Pilatusbahn to reach to Pilatus Kulm. Three trains colored red, white and red were running successively on the abrupt slope and passing each other at Ämsigen with three other trains for opposite direction. Returning to Alpnachstad, I have got on a train to opposit direction erronously. Passing the next station Alpnachdorf, I have been to Sarnen to catch the Golden Pass Panoramic to Luzern, which passes Alpnachstad to change the Pilatusbahn.
A white car is succeeding A red car is also succeeding to the whte car
Cars passed each other at Ämsigen. Due to complicated structure of the rack rail, the point consists of parallel motion equipment.
Arrived car was evacuated to the other line. The next car will come down to the space..
Alpnachstad Sarnen
Golden Pass Panoramic. Brünig Line. Without signs of CFF & FFS
Went back to Luzern, got on a ship to Vitznau, where is the station of Vitznau-Rigi Bahn. Swiss-Austria pass is available to lake ships as Vierwaldstättersee line. Many faults were seen in the steep slope. I found a train was running down along one of the fault. Rigi Bahnen include Vitznau Rigi Bahn, Arth Rigi Bahn & Weggis Kaltbad rope way..
VRB ruuning down the fault. VRB runnig out from the car depot using a turn-table.
A train waiting for depature at Vitznau. Tilting window frames against water surface.
Arrived VRB and waiting ARB at Rigi Kulm. ARB and its driver.
Rigi Kulm Rigi Staffel
Two single lines are running in parallel
between Rigi Kulm and Rigi Staffel.
The platform of ARB crossing over
the SBB platforms at Arth-Goldau.
On a way back from Arth-Goldau to Zürich, I got on the IC train from Milano Centrale to Stuttgart Hbf. On the next day, i went Luzern again to see the Kapelbrücke etc. In the afternoon, i spent the time in the Zürich city.
New tram in Zürich. Rather difficult to meet.him Trams are frequently running in the Zürich city.
I found a frain with emblem of Cisalpino at Zürich main station. It is probably the EC355 Cisalpino that starts at 09:09 for 8 hours travel toVenezia Santa Lucia. As Swiss has three official languages as below:
SBB Schweizerische Bundesbahahnen
CFF Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses
FFS Ferrovie federali svizzere
Zürich Hbf (Main station) Front of Zürich Hbf with signs of SBB CFF & FFS.
Schafbergbahn Achenseebahn Pilatusbahn Rigibahn
The conductor comes to check tickets from the outside step while the train is running.
Soft tickets are sold at entrance ticket office. Hard tickets as old time are sold at platform of Jenbach station connecting to ÖBB. A round trip ticket. Around trip ticket is good for VRB, ARB and Weggis - Kaltbad Cable Line.
Tickets are not sold at ticket office of Jenbach Station.
We have to buy tickets from the conductor after start running.
Dresden(Lößnitzgrundbahn), Wernigerode(Brocken),
Berlin & Frankfurt
Traditionsbahn Redebeul-Redeburg
Lößnitzgrundbahn is separated from DB. Therefore, rail passes are not available now. BVO Lößnitzgrundbahn at Radeburg
Timetable Radebeul Ost - Moritzburg - Radeburg
Dreden main sta. Streetcar in Dresden
Hard rail suspended cable-car - Schwebebahn Dresden
An unique suspended cable.car built in 1901,
revised in 1984. There is another cable-car of
ordinally style
called Standseilbahn. The left is
a Dresden One-day Ticket. A holder of this ticket
is able to receive a reduction round trip fare of
the cable-cars from 4 to 2,50 . The explanation is written on the back of ticket in German.
Tram in front of Leipzig station There was a strange thing in a show-window.
 HSB Harz narrow gauge railway
Steam locomotives in Wernigerode. Running.
Up to Brocken, known as Brocken spector. 3 trains at Drei Annen Hohnen.
Drei Annen Hohnen sta. Railroad crossing near the Western gate tower.
Recently rare a hard ticket sold in the train. Followings are Moving pictures:
At Brocken Very strong wind as everything was blown off.
To Drei Annen Honen: A train coming up from Nord Hausen 
At Drei Annen Honen: A train coming up from Wernigerode.
At Drei Annen Honen: A train starting up for Brocken.
At Drei Annen Honen: A train starting for Eisfelder Talmühle
S-Bahn station Hackescher Markt here was called Börse before World War II and Marx-Engels Platz in socialistic era. Behind is Berliner Dom. Zingster Street, termination of M4 line tram. The area is of apartment houses built in socialistic era
Möckern Brücke in front of German Technology Museum. U2 Gleisdreieck.The station became famous in 1936 because an UFA-film called "Gleisdreieck" was shot with "Gustav Frohlich" playing the man dispatching the train named "Hans Scheffler".
German Technology Museum demonstrates many old cars using a turn-table of previous Anhalter station.
Berlin S-Bahn at Berlin east sta. Streetcar in Hannover.
Frankfurt Hbf Façade, Dome & ICE 3
You may use S-bahn S8 or S9 from Frankfurt Hbf to Airport. Although, S1 also terminate to the same station, Wiesbaden Hbf, and start from the same underground platform # 103.
France (2005)
Paris St. Lazare - Vernon (Giverny) - Rouen-Rive-Droite - Paris St. Lazare
Haussman St.Lazare -(RER E)- Magenda・Paris Nord - Amiens - St Deni -(T1)- Noissy-le-Sec -(RER E)- Haussman St.Lazare
Paris Monparnass =Tours (TGV=Round trip)
Paris St.Lazare - Le Havre (Round trip)
Auber -(RER A) La Defence -(T2)- Issy Val de Seine -(RER C)- St.Micel Notre-Dame
As operated trains are extremely reduced on Saturday, Sunday and holiday, it is necessary to pay much attention for planning travel schedule on such days.
Paris St. Lazare station, No international trains nor High Speed trains appear to this station.
The great garden of Claude Monet at Giverny. Many flowers start blooming. Especially wistarias are wonderful.
Vernon Station, the gate to Giverny.
Thalys-PBA at the Paris North station. TGV-R at the Paris North station.
Grand Ligne Train af Paris North station. The train forAmiens at Paris North station.
Separated EL at Amien station. ter = transport express régional in Picardie..
T1 tram at Saint Deni.
T1 tram and RER E line at Noisy Le Sec station.
As RER lines run under SNCF operation, France rail passes should be available to RER lines, but at a local small station buying regional tickets as shown left was compulsed. While pass was available to RER line at North station and free tickets to pass the gate were given.
TGV-A trains at Paris Monparnasse station.
As reservation is compulsatory for TGV, pass holder should pay 3 for reservation.
Tours station. The connecting train to TGV for St. Pierre des Corps.
Views at platform of Le Havre staion,. The train bound for Paris (left).
T2 tram that starts from underground form of La Défense. Jacques-Henri Lartigue stop next to Issy Val de Seine.
Göteborg & Stockholm 2006
In front of Göteborg Central Sta. On high bridge on the Göta Älv.
In the suburb Classic trams in front of Göteborg Sta.
X2000 The cars arrived at 12:27 from Malmö.
The front entrance of Stockholm Central Sta. Klarabergsgatan Entrance.
The waiting room for Arlanda Express Arlanda Express to Airport.
The trains run over the sea.
A train is sen under the tower. A perspective.
Tunnels are so deeply situated.
Revived trams.
Berlin 2006
On May 28. 2006 just before the FIFA held in Berlin, Berlin Hauptbahnhof Central station opened. I have been to there on July 17.
A view from TV tower in Alexander Platz. From a new bridge Hugo-Preuß-Brücke on the Spree.
From Invaliden-Straße, a north-side view. Old lines on the viaduct.
Berlin Hbf, a view from ground level. Berlin Hbf, from mezanine level.
Underground platforms, designated as Berlin Hbf tief in the timetables.
Potsdamer Platz: ICE passed away with high speed as100m/sec.
According to opening of new north-south line, Papestraße renamed as Südkreuz, meaning southern crossing.
Former practical central station "Zoo" is
changed to a local station.
Friedlich Straße is still a center of urban trains.
Alexander Platz Station and the TV tower decorated as a socer ball.
The Potsdam place. Ruin of Anhalter Station destroyed in World War II.
The record of transfer of Judish people to Auschwitz etc. at Grunewald station track17.
Main terminal in DDR era, "Lichtenberg", is now almost vacant. A long train with logo of "DR" is left.
Nürnberg, Köln & Bonn (2007) 
Nuremberg, Cologne & Bonn
Trams around the Nürnberg central station and old city wall.
Nürnberg German Rail Museum was preparing for coming exhibition.
The Wuppertal suspension monorail, running over the Wupper valley for every 5 minites.
ICE 3 Inter City Express at the Köln (Cologne) cetral station.
Trams in Köln (Cologne).
Trams in Bonn run underground in the city center and extend far to the suburb.
The right picture shows a high plaform of tram in the center of a road near Beethoven house.
The Kasbachtalbahn seen at the Linz am Rhein. Concourse of the Frankfurt Airport station.
Vienna - Budapest - Prague- Vienna (2007)
Vienna West St. to Budapest Keleti(East) IC 349 BARTÓK BÉLA using MÁV cars.
Sign board of BARTÓK BÉLA Tram on the Margit bridge.
Tram along the Donau. The world 2nd subway opened in 1896.
Funicular to the Royal Palace hill. The chain bridge and Funicular.
Fogaskereku vasut with Strub typed cog rail. Silent Gyermekvasut on Monday.
Eurocity for Berlin over Stúrovo and Prague using MÁV cars.
Tram near the Castle of Prague.
Metro in Prague with high speed escallators. Prague central station.
SC 75 for Vienna South St.Recently, trains start from Holesovice station are increasing.
A new model tram in Vienna Old trams are also in use
A tram for Grinzing from underground Schottentor stop WLB for Baden starts from Opera stop
A local train Austrian Federal Railway ÖBB. ÖBB City Shuttle
Views from the train over Semmering path.
Vienna airport express CAT from Vienna Mitte St
Tickets in Vienna: Left is for 1 zone 1 trip, Right is available for 72 hours.
Left: Tickets in Prague, for 1 trip
and for 24 hours.
Above: 1 day ticket in Budapest (not 24 hrs.).

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