I am a new, innovative deisgner to the nail art fashon industry

.I utalise both airbrush and hand paint tecchniques and,

would be happy for you to share your ideas with me.

Please feel free to browse my web site and share in the excitement of nail art.

There are many unusual interesting desings for you to enjoy

many desings can also be found on the main page( Japanese only).

How ever this page is currently under construction.

So if you encounter any problems, please accept my appologies.

Main Page ( in Japanese)


Update some designs to almost all contents on 13th October


Cosmic design  


Japanese design

stone design

National Flag

Wood Base Desings

i mac nail


Jewel design

plaid design 


realistically PAINT 

realistically paint



normal Design

Like Fairly tale design

Yukata (like Japanese kimono)

Black light

Butterfly design

I want you to write your message here.


Give me e-mail! Please give me your coments.