TON's Family is fantastic !?

Dad ton Mam Tento Yoshimi Chirdren Shu / Iriomote Kanineko

We are sorry to use only English ! Please check my HP & if you find a ploblem in my Hp don't hesitate to ask us. This HP talk about My Family's Daiary & Phot & etc.

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Ton's HP ( Japanease)

My family have many event ! I try to hurry ! but ....

1999 mucic festival in Shirahama
Music festival in Shirahama Elementary School.
2001 New Year Party in Akashi
four family(including our family) held New Year Party at Akashi. 3family live in Kobe .
1999 Family Trip
We went to Shodo Island .(famus island by Olive) We got! Swam! Enjoy !

Now I try to make a good design Hp. So you will enjoy and give some advice! I hope you everything is well.
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