Japanese Mystics

Asano (Wasaburo)


 (1874-1937)Japanese pioneer in the field of Psychical Research. He graduated from Tokyo University and started his career as an English teacher for the Japanese Navy School. He was also famous for his translating works of William Shachspere. Since his child was healed by a psychic, he became involved in spiritualism and joined Ohmoto, a Japanese Shinto sect. During his Ohmoto days, he insisted

that "Tatekae-Tatenaoshi", a complete rebuilding of the world would take place in 1921. But what happened in 1921 was the severe government oppression against Ohmoto. After this incident, Asano left Ohmoto and in 1923, he established the Japanese Society for Psychical Research. He examined many Japanese psychics like Seiko Fujita,Chozan Okazaki, Rika Nakanishi and others. After one of his children died, his wife Takeko began to receive messages from this deceased son.

Deguchi (Onisaburo)


(1871-1948) Leader of Ohmoto, a Japanese Shinto sect.Born as Kisaburo Ueda. When he was heavily injured in a scuffle with local gangsters in 1898, he was running a dairy firm. During his days bound in bed, his spirit got spiritual training in nearby Takakuma mountain. After his recovery he started healing works and studying "Chinkon-kijin", a Japanese way to be possessed. In 1899 he received a divine instruction to go to Sonobe, and on the way to Sonobe, he met Hisa Deguchi, a daughter of Nao Deguchi, the founder of Ohmoto. In 1900 he married Sumi Deguchi, another daughter of Nao and changed his name as Onisaburo Deguchi. He is said to be the greatest prophet in Japan. He left many prophetic odes and said to have predicted the second world war, Japanese defeat and the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. His "Reikai-monogatari"(stories of the spirit world) is said to be predictions till the 50th century.


Deguchi (Nao)

 b.Ayabe,1836-d.1918. Japanese prophet and the founder of Ohmoto. Born in a poor family, she had to labor to sustain her family throughout her life till 1892. In this year, she was possessed by an unfamiliar god. Then she started her penance like fasting or ablution by cold water to identify the god in her. After confirming it as "Ushitora-no-Konjin", she began to spread divine messages and made many prophecies including the eruption of Russo-Japanese War. In 1897 she established her own sect and she met Onisaburo in 1899.




(630-701) Founder of Shugendo, the Japanese traditional way of mountain penances. He was born in Kamo family. As a young boy, he had reputation to be a genius for knowing letters at 3 years of his age. When he was 8 he entered Buddhist school but when he was 17, he quitted school and joined ascetics in mt.Katsuragi. Then he met Buddhist monk Ekei who had come from Korea and he learned "Kujaku-myouou-kyou"(the teachings of Mayura) from Ekei. After that, he is said to have performed many miracles like hovering in the sky, calling rain and using daemons called "Zenki" and "Goki" as his servants.


Fukurai (Tomokichi)


(1869-1952) Japanese pioneer of parapsychology. Born in Gifu prefecture and graduated from Tokyo University. He obtained his doctorate by studying hypnotism. When he was serving as an assistant professor in Tokyo University, he heart about Chizuko Mifune, a Japanese clairvoyant. He conducted many experiments with her and then with Ikuko Nagao another clairvoyant. But later he was forced to resign Tokyo university to became a prophessor of Koyasan university. He continued his research in parapsychology and he attended the convention of the international spiritualist associations in 1928. He is said to have coined "Nen-telegraphy".


Hida (Harumitsu)


(1883-1956) Born as a doctor's son, he was weak and infirm when he was a boy. But when he was 18, he studied medical books and started his own method of training to be a physical trainer. In 1917 he was adopted to Hida family. He continued his training and in 1923 he felt the strong energy gushing out from his lower abdomen. Then he named this energy "Chushin-ryoku"(the Central energy), and origin of it "Sei-chushin"(the real center). After that he performed many miraculous phenomena like shooting a wire by arrow with his face covered, reciting book pages which someone in the next room read to himself, levitate himself and others etc. In his last days he was said to have seen the world after 1000 years, and decided to quit this world. He fasted completely for 48 days to die. He had never told what he saw after 1000 years.




 (b.774,Byobugaura,Sanuki Province,-d.835)known by his posthumous name KOBO DAISHI.Born into Saeki family which is said to be the descendant of Emishi, the Northern barbarians. His childhood name was  Mao. He studied Confucionsm first and  when he was 18, he entered the National university of that time. Then he joined ascetics in the mountain and he received Kokuzo-gumonji-ho from a Buddist monk.He became a Buddhist monk and named Kukai. He was sent to China in 804 and received initiations from Hui-Ko.He returned to Japan in 806 to be the founder of Shingon school of Japanese Buddhism. This Shingon school is famous for its emphasis on magic lituals and magic formula. Many miracles are attributed to him as that he called rain many times, lit fire by psychokinesis. He is also said to have brought Sukuyo-jutsu"the Esoteric Buddhism Astrology to  Japan.


Mifune (Chizuko)


(1886-1911) Japanese clairvoyant. She married in 1908 but was divorced after two years. She was very religious and often hypnotized by her brother in law. When she was 23, she suddenly recognized a worm which was inside a tree in the garden. Since then she showed her ability of clairvoyance. Her reputation reached Dr.Tomokichi Fukurai,assistant professor of Tokyo University, and Dr.Fukurai examined  her. Dr.Fukurai brought envelopes and she could see what was inside. But another professor of the University Dr.Kenjiro Yamakawa doubted her ability. She committed suicide by poison in 1911.


Mita (Koichi)


(1885-1943)Japanese psychic.He showed his ability of clairvoyance since his childhood and could found hidden sweets. He was a member of a magician group lead by an English. From 1917, Dr.Tomokichi Fukurai examined his ability. Mita could lit match by using psychokinesis and showed his ability of "Nensha"(Nen telegraphy) . He succeeded to take the first photo of the reverse side of the moon by Nensha.


Nagao (Ikuko)


  b.1871,Tokuyama,Yamaguchi prefecture,d.1911.Japanese clearvoyant. Since 1907 she predicted many events. Then she had heard of Chizuko Mifune and she trained to have the same ability. Dr.Tomokichi Fukurai showed his interest in her and examined her ability. One day, Dr.Fukurai asked her to see what was on an undeveloped photographic plate in an envelope, and after the experiment he found strange spots on the plate. He thought that some unknown energy radiated from Ikuko's body made theses spots and theorized that she can record shapes in her mind on photographic plates. Fkurai called this phenomena Nensha,Nen telegraphy. But Dr.Yamakawa doubted this phenomena so two sides made a joint experiment on her. When they gave an envelope to Ikuko, she insisted that there was noting in the envelope. It was true. They forget inserting plate by mistake. Soon After this incident she died of pneumonia.


Okamoto (Tenmei)


 (1897-1963)real name was Nobuyuki Okamoto. He was a member of Omoto, a Japanese Shinto sect.In 1944,when he visited Amanohitsuku-jinja shrine, his hand began to move automatically. Since then, he wrote a divine message called Hitsuku-Shinji. Some believe that this Hitsuku-Shinji is the last divine message from the god of Omoto.


Osanami (Toshie)


(1863-1907)When she was 21, she became unable to take any food, lost her periods and evacuation, and was possessed at night. Later she obtained a special ability of apport and could bring divine water in sealed bottles. This water could heal any diseases but she was arrested as a fraud. After she filled a bottle with divine water under survailance of the court, she was declared innocent.


Takashima (Kaemon)


 (1832-1914)Japanese businessman who made many predictions by I-ching.He inherited his fathers business of timber trade. As a businessman, he had experienced bankruptcies and resurgence till 1859, when he was put in jail in Tenma-cho as he had sold Japanese koban coin to foreigners. In this jail he found the book of I-Ching and started to divinations. After his release, he started many enterprises to be a very successful businessman. He had relations with many politicians of Meiji period. On of the most famous prediction of his was concerning the assassination of Hirofumi Itoh, the First Japanese prime minister. His name was so famous as an I-ching master that many fortunetellers in Japan use his family name Takashima even now. But Kaemon did not gather his deciples as a fortunetellar, therefore many Japanese fortunetellers with the name of Takashima have no relation with Kaemon