How to make NGC's RGB(VGA) Cable

1.Disassemble connector.
2.Mod on DAC
3.Conect & mod cable
4.Attach VGA connector.
5.How to use.


My friend reported me that "D-Terminal" cable is easy to modify.
On D-Terminal cable, you do not need modify cable itself. In D-Terminal
cable, there are 3 extra wire inside. Cut of them from reverse side of DAC
PCB, and use two wires for H/V sync signals.If thease extra wires are too
short,add some lead wire to that. In this case, you need only modify DAC
PCB and change connector to VGA.

This page describes how to make VGA cable for NGC. If you want
to make 15kHz analog RGB/SCART compatibe cable, please consider
difference between VGA and SCART yourself.
This mod is only gives you information.You MUST have all responsibility
to your mod. Authoer of this page DO NOT have any responsibility of all results.

Special Thanks To: All of "RGB or DIE" Friends