Non-blooming Rotational Composite (NBR Composite)
of Rosette nebula by newly released StellaImage 3.1

L image of set 1

L image of set 2

Note: To align two images, click the "position" button and select (click and drag) the 1st.
standardpoint of each image. Then, select (click and drag pushing Shift key) the 2nd. standard
point. The saubtraction preview image is useful to get a complete alignment. You can move the
standard point markers finely (0.1 pixel or 0.1 degree) by clicking the arrow shaped icons near
the X, Y or angular data windows pushing Control key.

Non-blooming image after proccessing by NBR command of Stella Image 3.1;
Saturation level: 95%, Dark band width: 1

Note: To get complete elimination of the blooming, you should align two images in brightness
and contrast also. It is easily controled watching preview result image by changing % value
of other image's brightness (100% in default). The dark bands surrounding the bloomed area
are also easily controled by selecting its pixel width as 0, 1 or 2 .

In the case of that the bloomings of each image are crossed over there remain hot pixels.

" Dust & Scratch" filter of Photoshop works well.

Final image processed by Digital Development (DDP) command of Stella Image 3
(DDP was also proposed by Dr. OKANO)