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Hisashi Kashima
Professor, Kyoto University, Japan

Hisashi Kashima is a professor at Department of Intelligence Science and Technology, Kyoto University. Before joining the faculty, he was a research staff member of Data Analytics Group in Tokyo Research Laboratory of IBM Research during April, 1999-July, 2009, and was an associate professor at Department of Mathematical Informatics, The University of Tokyo during August, 2009-March, 2014. His research focuses on foundations of machine learning and data mining, and on their applications in various fields, including marketing, bio-/chemo-informatics, and industrial/business intelligence. His previous research work includes development of kernel methods for structured data, such as trees and graphs, predictive modeling of networks, including biological and social networks, and anomaly detection for industrial systems, and those contributions were awarded by academic societies. He also contributes to business based on machine learning techniques, and to a number of issued and disclosed patents. He obtained his B.S. degree in applied mathematics and physics in 1997, and an M.S. degree in systems engineering in 1999, and a Ph.D. degree in informatics in 2007 from Kyoto University in Japan.

Current Research Interests