@In early morning, Mar.6th 2002, at Nagai tent village...

NAGAI PARK & Neighborhood is here. NAGAI PARK is in south area of Osaka city that named HIGASHI SUMIYOSHI-KU. Our TENT VILLAGE is in south-west of Nagai park.syuugeki020307.jpgatentyoko0307a.jpgsyuugekihigaijoukyou.jpg
We are an Association of Poor people in Nagai park, osaka, jpn. In early morning, March 6th 2002, at Nagai tent village, our homeless comrades who live in tents were sprayed with fire-extinguishers by 4 TEENs. THEY shouted to our comrades,"we are Sumiyoshi Police officers, you shall die! "& stormed into...and same time, They sprayed fire-extinguishers to our 3 tents. extinguisher's powder spreaded 1 of 3 tents was colored full pink. one of our comrades run, and they spreaded. the Storm were 2 times( on 2:00AM, 3:00AM). Our comrades said,"If we counterattacked them, we punished. if we had no defense, we were injured...i don't know what to do...".
last night, our homeless comrades who live in the tent village & supporters held an meeting, and held an Night patrol for Self-Defense.
"We shall defend our homeless comrades by ourselves!!" is one of our slogan.
In Nagai park, "FIFA 2002 World Cup" will be held on June 19th 2002...etc. Brutal OSAKA city, POLIZEI, and their subjects...and a part of japanese Mafia need our tent village to be evicted. THEY did have been made sacrifices to DAY Labors and poor, homeless comrades... Is this all our comrades get after the sacrifices our comrades have made? Misgovernments are not our responsibility.
So, WE are NOT DUST. We shall NOT BE MOVED!!
FASCIST-MAYOR of T.ISOMURA and his subjects are murderers. We shall NOT BE DEFEATED.
...our struggle goes on.___________(Rebel_JILL)\(^.^)
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