@ Our May day is here !!

 Kamagasaki May Day held on 1st May 2001

 @May Day is OUR DAY that struggle against all government, capital, monopolist and their subjects.
 We,Association of Kamagasaki Patrol & Association of Poor people in Nagai park, took a part in the "Kamagasaki May Day" on 1st May 2001. We held a black flag with "ON mark" & a black/red flag , and we called "Wasshoi!!" & marched on the street.  We demand ,Food!!  Work!!  Human-Dignity!!
Our comrades in Kamagasaki-Sankaku park on 1st May 2001.Kamagasaki May Day in Sankaku park.
May Day. There is a shelter behind us. About 600 poor peoples took a part.In front of center. Tuutenkaku-tower behind.
Pigs who belong to NISINARI police office prevent us.We marched Kamagasaki Area on 1st May 2001. This Area is a most biggest town for Day Workers in JPN.
Our comrades marched with black flag in kamagasaki area.
Comrades from Nagaoya joined us.  ...our struggles will go on...

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