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@ In Nagai Park, Our homeless comrade's tents & huts are going on being fired
19th May 2001 early morning, our comrade's tent forced to fire. it was a day EAG started.

  We 're Association of Poor people in Nagai Park,osaka,jpn.
On 19th May 2001, a East Asian Games(EAG) started in osaka. The EAG will
hold 19-27th May 2001. Osaka city local government & Officers who in charge
of  south-area park hope that our tents village will go out. And fascists
will do secretly their "WORKS" that destroy our tent village, and force our
comrades to evict behind the stage of EAG.
 Now, our comrades force to be suffered to fire-terrors & terrors.
 What is "cocoro osaka" and osaka's "friendship and hospitality"?
No kidding...their fascistish actions are here in osaka. This is a May-Storm
for our comrades!!
 <Achtung!!> Following are recently examples that terrors stormed to our
15th May 2001 afternoon, our comrade's tent had broken. however, he said,I shall not be defeated.
 (1) on 9th May 2001, 4men who named themselves "guard" had visited our
village. They display us their name-card. they belonged to a guard-office of
"Libero KEIBI". they visited us with park officers & machine to forced
eviction for EAG in Nagai park. they threated us to forced to go out.
finally, our 3comrades were defeated and 3tents & huts were destroyed. our
3comrades forced officers to their choice that enter the "NAGAI-shelter".
13th May 2001 early morning, this tent forced to fire.
 (2) on 13th May 2001 early morning, our comrade's tent had fired in
eastnouth-area of Nagai park.
Half of tent damaged. after the fired, a smell of Oil spreaded.
14th May 2001 afternoon, this tent forced to fire.
 (3) on 14th May 2001 about 0:30PM, our comrade's tent had fired in
eastnouth-area of Nagai park. the tent damaged ALL. this tent is near that
fired tent on 13th May. and recently, parts of this tent broke with the
knife and painted the terrible words,many times.
 comrade who live this tent went anywhere...
19th May 2001 early morning, a tent forced to fire.
 (4) on 19th May 2001 early morning, our comrade's tent in south-area of
Nagai-Park had fired. the tent dameged ALL. Comrade who live this tent went
anywhere... in this day, the EAG started to mainly hold in osaka city and
its suburbs.
 *We propose you to send your message with E-mail or Fax to;

Please send your message to IOC, JOC,and our E-mail add.

  Olympic Games Coordination Commission

Department of Sports, Olympic Games Coordination and
Relations with International Federations
Olympic Games Coordination Section Manager
Mr. Christophe DUBI

International Olympic Committee
Chateau de Vidy
CP 356
1007 Lausanne

(+41 21) 621 65 11
(+41 21) 621 65 12



*Osaka city mail to;


* Fax to; olympic bid promotion bureau

              Mayor of osaka city gov. Takafumi Isomura

               in charge of Nagai Park office officers
17th May, we went to a park office, and held the collective bargaining. this picture display 3 park officers. left one is YAMANAKA, right one is KUMAGAYA, centre one is YASUDA.17th May ,we held the collective bargaining in the south-area park office that place in Nagai Park.
*EAGOC mail to;



 @ Association of Poor people in Nagai-Park                 _/

   1 Nagai-kouen, higashi sumiyoshi-ku, osaka-shi    _/
     NAGAI-KOUEN Tent Village                          _/

      Vi venkos!! Ni venkos!!
 We're NOT DUST, we shall NOT BE MOVED !!
   all over the world.
    No thanks to olympic, no thanks to monopolization.
     Food! Work!
      Free-humanities.& Human-dignities for ALL !!

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