*Momogaike-Park's comrades are facing evictions!!

 We are Association of Poor people in Nagai-Park , osaka," a jail called
 Recently, Our homeless comrades in MOMOGAIKE-PARK(Abeno-ku,Osaka) have been
forced to face evictions that built the fence around the pond and locked out
their tents& huts(about 20persons lived) by issue of Osaka-city local
government officers. these boring bastards said our comrades,"because
children fall into the pond, it's danger."
 Our comrades responded, "NO KIDDING !! WE'RE HERE, DON'T LOCKED OUT."
 ...So, 9th April on Monday,we will talk about the eviction in
Momogaike-park, and fight against Osaka-city local government. we will SMASH
THEIR eviction, and SHALL NOT BE MOVED!!
                                   Libertaire JILL aus osaka;
 9th April 2001,we talked about the Eviction in Momogaike-Park
 10th April 2001, we met the officer Mr.IWAMOTO
  Association of Poor people
   in Nagai park, oosaka, jpn  _/
     (Nakama no kai)

Vi venkos !! Ni venkos !!
 We're NOT DUST. We shall NOT BE MOVED !?

Nagai-kouen, Higasi Sumiyosi-ku, oosaka-si

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