@We need not 2008 OlymPIG, World Tour Organization in Fall 2001, World Cup FussBall 2002, and THEIR revival-plan of Osaka city!!

Fascist mayor of TaKKKafumi Isomura has presented in Moscow Meeting. He seems like gently old man...maybe. But!! He has been ordered to destroy our 500 of Tents & Huts villages,communities of mutual aid, and scatter our comrades in NAGAI PARK. Over 130 men were forced to persuade to remove & abolish their tents and huts, and forced to live a Shelter that seems like a jail--over 130 men have not called his name, "Jailer" call 130men his NUMBER. We ALL are Witness of his HUGE Violence and vices for OlymPIG!! He must go to GENTLY HELL, and must learn realities of poor people's suffers...Like a boring italian fascist Fuhler of mussolini. The end of his beautiful stage will coming soon.

To TaKKKafumi Isomura and his subjects;
"Rejoice O oldmen in thy tiny livetime." "Remember the forced eviction of our comrades, we 'll present you huge JOY & LUCK." We shall not agree your boring events & plans.

@ Association of Poor people in Nagai-Park _/

1 Nagai-kouen, higashi sumiyoshi-ku, osaka-shi _/
NAGAI-KOUEN Tent Village _/
Vi venkos!! Ni venkos!!
We're NOT DUST, we shall NOT BE MOVED !!
Instead of THEIR VIOLENCE, we must try to GET OUR MUTUAL-AID SOCIETIES all over the world. No thanks to olympic, no thanks to monopolization. Food! Work! Free-humanities & Human-dignities for ALL !! E-mail*) nojuku_nagai@geocities.co.jp