Saluton, we are the Association of Poor people in Nagai Park, higashisumiyosi-ku,osaka,japan.
In osaka, about 20000 homeless people live in parks and liversides with their tent and huts, or live in side of street with their card-board houses and card-board seats.
By the way, in Nagai park, we still alive in our tent village(10 tents & huts, about 40 street-sleepers remain on JAN 15th 2002), and have gone on struggling against tyranny osaka city government and its fascist mayor of T.Isomura.
Osaka city government has rejected "SEIKATU-HOGO(helping poor people by state system) " for the Poor DAY LABORS and Homeless People many years, and city government have held many Poor and OLD DAY LABOR and Homeless people into the "JIKYOUKAN(asylum for poor people like a jail. 30persons each 1room)".
In Nagai park, there were our homeless comrades' 480 tents & huts on OCT 2000, and over 500 persons lived. Fascist mayor of T.Isomura & HIS osaka city government planned our homeless comrades to lock out from the park for the OLYMPIC GAMES 2008 on APR 2000. Our Nagai-struggle was outbroken. Our comrades'"Association of KAMAGASAKI PATROL-for poor people's mutual aid & self defense" in Osaka-Kita area, "Association of defend free Human rights for NOJUKU-ROUDOUSYA" in Nagoya, and "NOJIREN" in Shibuya, Tokio joined.
...NOV 2000, city government began to build the "emergency asylum(we call arrested asylum or shelter like a jail)", DEC 28th 2000, city government pushed our 90 comrades into the "emergency asylum" by lies and unhonesties, and same time, 90 comrades lost their residences. JAN 6th 2001, we built a large "emergency asylum for NAGAI SHELTER" tent and 2tents in front of the NAGAI EMERGENCY ASYLUM . JAN 15th 2001, city government and park charge officers broke many non-resident tents and huts, however, about 70 residences remained. (our history seehttp://www.geocities.co.jp/WallStreet-Bull/8932/ )
...MAY 9th 2001 afternoon, suddenly, our comrades' 3 tents were broken by guards who belong to "Libero KEIBI" like a YAKUZA(japanese Mafia) and park charge officers with construction-machines. Our 3 comrades lost residences for a EAST ASIA GAMES held in NAGAI park. ...DEC 12th 2001, park charge officers(MR.KAJIWARA, MR.YAMANAKA) proposed us to remove our tent village, but we rejected. JAN 4th 2002, city government, park charge office, stadium charge office warned our comrades live in NAGAI STADIUM with the cardboard house to remove and evict. This warned cause that our over 40 street-sleepers comrades are scattering from Nagai Park. JAN 9th 2002, we held a collective bargaining at City south-area park charge office.
Officers said, "This is stadium's construction and reforms for FIFA WORLD CUP 2002". but, JAN 16th 2002, Officers said in difficulty, "we think that there 's some reason in this removing, for example, WORLD CUP'S SECURITY...we hope you to get out soon, and we need not you to return this park after FIFA WORLD CUP2002!! ...so, we hope you to self help and not to reject our some proposing...". but!! Officers have not proposed for our comrades with responsibility to live.

Comrades!! we propose you to protest Email, FAX for fascist mayor of T.ISOMURA & HIS CITY GOVERNMENT tyranny, Dull Officers and its murderous!!

@ ALERT !! Our homeless comrades will be evicted from Nagai stadium by tyranny Osaka city government

Saluton, We are Association of Poor people in Nagai park, higashi-sumiyoshi,osaka,jpn. We still alive & squat in the Nagai park. and now, there are 8 tents & huts remained, about 50street sleepers in the park.
Park officers have banned & harassed our comrades' residences. Officers often have said,"We need you to get out soon!!" Dec 27th 2000-Jan 15th 2001, they pushed into NAGAI-shelter like a Jail, and destroyed our comrades' 430tents & huts for 2008 OLYM"PIG". May 9th-27th 2001, park officers & 4guards who belong to "Libero KEIBI" destroyed our comrades' tents with their construction-machines, and they forced our comrades to push into the shelter for the East Asia Games. At the same time, other comrades tents &huts were set on fired by someone.
...and now, officers alerted to our revival plans for tent village that starting of "NAGAI-NANDEMO-SOUDAN-CENTER", and rebuild the tent village. and our comrades live in Nagai Stadium will be evicted by park officers as soon as possible. JAN 27th 2002, they will hold "osaka international wymen's marathon". till the "marathon", they need us to get out from Nagai Stadium.
...however, they did not(do not) propose us to live. Only EVICTION is osaka city government & park officer's answer. If they propose to enter the NAGAI-shelter like a jail, most of our comrades deny. The only good park officer is a...dead one.

On Jan.4th 2002, osaka city government & in charge of south area park officers presented our homeless comrades have lived in Nagai Stadium to evict till Jan.10th 2002. Nagai Stadium is in Nagai park, and this stadium will be used for World Cup Game Jun.19th ...etc. ...and our comrades(over 30persons) lived side of this stadium in their tiny cardboad-housings (till Dec.2001). this Cardboad-housings are lifeline, and also comrades' dignities. It's NOT DUST !!
...After Jan.4th 2002, many homeless comrades in Nagai Park is going out.
and now, 10persons still remained.

We held a collective bargaining on 9th Jan 2002 at park charge office.
Officers said,"Till 20th JAN 2002, we need you to get out of Nagai Stadium. for, this area will be a construction area, it's not safety." "We will set fences around the Stadium 27th Jan-about 19th Jun 2002. we need not you to return the stadium !"
Our comrades replied,"...but, where are we going ? season is winter, you hope us to die in side of street? No kidding !!!"
Osaka city government have refused "SEIKATSUHOGO(helping the poor persons by state system)" many years.
now, city government will plan to push homeless comrades into shelters, or to collect many homeless comrades of osaka city to the "KAMAGASAKI" area with NPO's helping. their real aiming points is a arrested asylum for the homeless people. "NOJUKUSYA-JIRITU-SHIEN-HOU" will be a "Arrest manual for Urban cleanness".
Human right NOT SIGHT SEEING!!
We are NOT DUST!! We shall NOT BE MOVED!!

*please protest fascist mayor of T.Isomura and Osaka city government, send your message to the Association of Poor people in Nagai park !!

*Osaka city mail to;


Mayor of osaka city gov. Takafumi Isomura

in charge of Nagai Park office officers

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