OCP(Organizational Culture Profile)


1 柔軟性 Flexibility
2 適応性 Adaptability
3 安定性 Stability
4 予測可能性 Predictability
5 革新的 Being innovative
6 機会を素早くモノにする Being quick to take advantage of opportunities
7 実験をすすんで行う A willingness to experiment
8 リスクテイク Risk taking
9 注意深さ Being careful
10 自律性 Autonomy
11 ルール志向 Being rule oriented
12 分析的 Being analytical
13 詳細への注意 Paying attention to detail
14 正確性 Being precise
15 チーム志向 Being team oriented
16 自由な情報共有 Sharing information freely
17 組織内単一文化の強調 Emphasizing single culture throughout the organization
18 ヒト中心 Being people oriented
19 公平性 Fairness
20 個人の権利の尊重 Respect for the individual's right
21 我慢強さ Tolerance
22 非公式性 Informality
23 気安さ Being easy going
24 穏やかさ Being calm
25 援助的 Being supportive
26 攻撃的 Being aggressive
27 毅然性 Decisiveness
28 行動志向 Action orientation
29 統率制 Taking initiative
30 内省的 Being reflective
31 達成志向 Achievement orientation
32 要求的 Being demanding
33 個人の責任重視 Taking individual responsibility
34 高い業績期待 Having high expectations for performance
35 プロとしての成長機会 Opportunities for professional growth
36 業績への高い報酬 High pay for good performance
37 雇用の保全 Security of employment
38 業績への賞嘆 Offers praise for good performance
39 低い葛藤 Low level of conflict
40 葛藤へ正面から立ち向う Confronting conflict directly
41 仕事上の友好性の醸成 Developing friends at work
42 適合性 Fitting in
43 協同的な職務遂行 Working in collaboration with others
44 職務への情熱 Enthusiasm for the job
45 長時間の労働 Working long hours
46 ルールに縛られない Not being constrained by many rules
47 クオリティの重視 An emphasis on quality
48 個性重視 Being distinctive-different from others
49 尊敬への志向 Having a good reputation
50 社会的責任 Being socially responsible
51 結果志向 Being results oriented
52 明確な実践哲学 Having a clear guiding philosophy
53 競争的 Being competitive
54 組織的 Being highly organized


O'Reilly III, C. A., Chatman, J., & Caldwell, D. F. (1991). People and organizational culture: A profile comparison approach to assessing person-organization fit. Academy of Management Journal, 34 (3), 487-516.