SIOP(Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology)֘A


Compensation in Organizations: Current Research and Practice
(2000) Sara L. Rynes & Barry Gerhart (Eds.)

Describes recent changes in employee compensation, summarizes research on pay determinants and pay effects, and develops an agenda for future compensation research.

Creating, Implementing and Managing Effective Training
(2001)  Kurt Kraiger (Ed.)

The 11th volume in the Professional Practice Series, this practical guide offers managers and trainers a set of state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary principles and guidelines for implementing and maintaining effective training programs within their organizations.   

Diagnosis for Organizational Change
(1994) Ann Howard & Assoc.

Approaches organizational diagnosis from three perspectives: macro view, contributions of individuals, and management and motivation. Illustrates methods and models, addressing the wide breadth of the field.

Diversity in the Workplace
(1992) Susan E. Jackson (Ed.)

Covers international diversity and merging corporate cultures, as well as ethnic, gender, and lifestyle differences. Gives unique attention to detail, coverage of changes over a period of time, and a broad definition of workforce diversity.

Emotions in the Workplace
(2002)  Robert G. Lord, Richard J. Klimoski & Ruth Kanfer (Eds.)

Organizational research has increasingly focused on emotions at work, and this book is the first to bring together recent findings in one place and present a solid industrial-organizational research perspective on this complex area of inquiry.  A concise, scholarly introduction to new developments and an overview of how basic theory and research in affect and emotions has influenced the science and practice of I-O psychology.

Employees, Careers, and Job Creation
(1995) Manuel London (Ed.)

Shows how to predict potential career opportunities in an organization, assess employee skills, develop training goals, and clear barriers like resistance to learning.

Evolving Practices in Human Resource Management: Responses to a Changing World of Work
(1999) Allen I. Kraut & Abraham K. Korman (Eds.)

The latest research and notes-from-the-field that provide new insights on organizational change and its impact on the future of HRM concepts and practice.

Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
(1990?1994) Marvin Dunnette, Leaetta Hough, & Harry Triandis, Second Edition, in Four Volumes (Volume 4 is out of print.)

Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
(2002) Steven G. Rogelberg (Ed.)

Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology Volume 1: Personnel Psychology
(2001) Neil Anderson, Deniz S. Ones, Handan Kepir Sinangil, & Chockalingam Viswesvaran (Eds.)

Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology Volume 2: Organizational Psychology
(2001) Neil Anderson, Deniz S. Ones, Handan Kepir Sinangil, & Chockalingam Viswesvaran (Eds.)

Implementing Organizational Interventions:  Steps, Processes, and Best Practices
(2002) Jerry W. Hedge & Elaine D. Pulakos (Eds.)

This volume of SIOPfs Professional Practice Series is an essential resource that offers practical models, strategies, and guidance for effective implementation of organizational interventions, and practical advice for dealing with the myriad challenges that affect a wide range of organizational interventions.

Individual Differences and Behavior in Organizations
(1996) Kevin R. Murphy

Stimulates new ways of thinking about how individual differences affect peoplefs behaviors and experiences in organizations.

Individual Psychological Assessment: Predicting Behavior in Organizational Settings
(1998) P. Richard Jeanneret, Robert Silzer, & Assoc.

Provides guidance to assessors, raises issues, and discusses topics that may be a part of assessment practice, especially work-related purposes such as selection, promotion, and development.

Managing Selection in Changing Organizations: Human Resource Strategies
(1999) Jerard F. Kehoe (Ed.)

New insights and practical guidance on designing and managing the crucial process of employee selection in todayfs changing business environment.

Measuring and Analyzing Behavior in Organizations
(2001) Fritz Drasgow & Neal Schmitt (Eds.)

The 14th volume in the Organizational Frontiers Series provides comprehensive and up-to-date resource that examines the most important areas of measurement, applied statistics, research methods, and data analysis. 

Multilevel Theory, Research, and Methods in Organizations: Foundations, Extensions, and New Directions
(2000) Katherine J. Klein & Steve W. J. Kozlowski (Eds.)

Presents the foundations of multilevel theory and research, explains multilevel data analysis procedures, and extends multilevel thinking to encompass new topics and perspectives.

New Perspectives on International I-O Psychology
(1997) P. Christopher Earley, Miriam Erez, & Assoc.

Leads the way by assembling new theories and cutting-edge perspectives on topics including intercultural communications, multinational teams, and organizational justice across cultures.

Organization Development:  A Data-Driven Approach to Organizational change
(2001)  Janine Waclawski and Allan H. Church (Eds.)
The 12th volume in the Professional Practice Series presents a unified framework for understanding organization development and demonstrates its organizational impact and specifies what types of efforts and interventions should and should not represent organization development.

Organizational Surveys: Tools for Assessment and Change
(1996) Allen I. Kraut

Examines critical survey elements that are working in actual organizations.

  Performance Appraisal: State-of-the-Art in Practice
(1998) James W. Smither (Ed.)

Bridges the gap between research on performance appraisal and practice. Offers a comprehensive, practitioner-oriented guide to gbest practicesh in performance appraisal.

Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
(2000) AERA, APA, NCME

The latest of five publications guiding the development and use of educational and psychological tests.

Team Effectiveness and Decision Making in Organizations
(1994) Richard A. Guzzo, Eduardo Salas, & Assoc.

Provides the latest research perspective on teams: their nature, function, effectiveness, decision-making process, and ability to change the face of an organization.

The 21st Century Executive: Innovative Practices for Building Leadership at the Top 
(2001) Rob Silzer (Ed.) 

The 13th volume in the Professional Practice Series provides HR professionals and I-O practitioners a greater understanding of executive dynamics, development tools, and proven techniques for managing executives.  Bringing together leading-edge practitioners, this volume explores executive performance and effectiveness and documents unique executive-level human resource applications. 

The Changing Nature of Performance: Implications for Staffing, Motivation, and Development
(1999) Daniel R. Ilgen & Elaine D. Pulakos (Eds.)

Concrete responses to the change initiatives that are fundamentally altering how work is done in organizations.

The Changing Nature of Work
(1995) Ann Howard

Envisions the future of work, its effect on workers and organizations, and the expanded knowledge needed to optimize returns. Suggests strategies to meet the complex demands of post-industrial life.

The Ethical Practice of Psychology in Organizations
(1998) Rodney L. Lowman (Ed.)

This revised ethics casebook on I-O psychology includes a significant update of many of the original cases and a variety of new cases, providing true-to-life examples of types of circumstances encountered.

The Nature of Organizational Leadership: Understanding the Performance Imperatives Confronting Todayfs Leaders
(2001) Stephen J. Zaccaro & Richard J. Klimoski (Eds.)

Provides a much-needed organizational perspective on the problems confronted by top executive leaders and the requisite behaviors, attributes, and outcomes necessary to lead organizations effectively. 

Work Careers:  A Developmental Perspective
(2002) Daniel C. Feldman (Ed.)

Examines how careers form at different stages of a person's life.