The Pathological World of the Japanese Pseudo-Left-Wingers

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(The English Version of a part of Sayoku ga Sayoku ni Sayoku Toki.)

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The content of this Web Page is not based upon a professional study of pseudo-Left-Wingers. It is more like a personal report and opinion about the Japanese pseudo-Left-Wingers. Thus it contains much of my sarcastic personality. However, the substance of it is nevertheless serious. If you are interested in the Japanese pseudo-Left-Wingers, and have some free time, please feel free to take a look into this Page.

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This Page is by Kumitoriya. (Translated by Kokoro)

This Page started out on December 5th 1998.

This Page was separated into chapters on December 25th 1998.


Chapter 0: What are the °»pseudo-Left-Wingers°…? (The objective of this Page)

Chapter 1: The circumstances that created the pseudo-Left-Wingers.
Section 1: The pre-War (Japanese) Left-Wingers.
Section 2: The Left-Wingers during the Cold War.
Section 3: The pseudo-Left-Wingers as the post-Cold War aftermath of Left-Wingers.

Chapter 2: The pseudo-Left-Wingers°« psychology.
Section 1: The categorized pseudo-Left-Wingers.
Section 2: The pseudo-Left-Wingers' self-evaluation.
Section 3: The pseudo-Left-Wingers°« objective.
Section 4: How youngsters become pseudo-Left-Wingers. (February 20th 1999)
Section 5: Why pseudo-Left-Wingers like dirty stories. (July 20th 1999)
Section 6: The difference between pseudo-Left-Wingers and Left-Wingers. (September 3rd 1999)

Chapter 3: Examining the pseudo-Left-Wingers°« opinions and assertions.
Section 1: The unresolved problem of the invented °»Great Nanking Massacre°….
Section 2: The open secret and the unrealistic ideological ideal (lie) behind the post-War Japanese °»Peaceful°… Constitution.
Section 3: The reasons why pseudo-Left-Wingers' negate the Japanese Royal Family.
Section 4: The pseudo-Left-Wingers°« superficial protection of Human Rights while actually infringing it. (The pseudo-Left-Wingers°« hypocrisy)
Section 5: The reality of the pseudo-Left-Wingers°« °»dialogue°… and °»argument°…. (The extremely sectarian character of pseudo-Left-Wingers)
Section 6: The pseudo-Socialism was, is and will always remain an inhuman and unproductive ideology. (December 30th 1998)

Chapter 4: Specific examples of how pseudo-Left-Wingers are like.
Section 1: The °∆Red°« Teacher who mentally ill-treated a half-American half-Japanese student to the point of expulsing the student
Section 2: The 'Red' monk that reproached his grandfather for simply having participated in the War
Section 3: The pseudo-Left-Winger Asahi newspaper°«s tendency towards fabricating anti-Governmental °∆facts°«. (December 10th, 1998; August 26th 1999)
Section 4: The difference between a normal democratic political party and the Japanese Communist Party. (February 5th 1999)
Section 5: The illogicality of the pseudo-Left-Winger°«s °∆logic°«.
Section 6: The pseudo-Left-Wingers as the real enemies of democracy. (February 2nd 1999; April 4th 1999)
Section 7: The pseudo-Left-Wingers propaganda effort through the television. (August 26th 1999)

Chapter 5: The summary of the problems revolving around the pseudo-Left-Wingers. (The problem and the solution)
Section 1: The social context in which pseudo-Left-Wingers appear and grow.
Section 2: The problems within the pseudo-Left-Wing individuals.
Section 3: The social problems caused by pseudo-Left-Wingers.
Section 4: How to deal with the pseudo-Left-Winger within ourselves.
Section 5: The immediate solutions to the immediate problems. (January 3rd 1999)
Section 6: The long-term solutions to the long-term problems.

Chapter 6: The readers°« gathering
Section 1: The readers°« opinions
Section 2: The sum-up of this Page (December 19th 1998; August 26th 1999)
Section 3: Questionnaire for the readers

Additional Chapter: The reality of on-Internet pseudo-Left-Wingers.
Section 1: Saying the truth about history is a crime. (March 28th 1999)

NOTE: As not enough time is available to me (Kokoro) as to translate all the chapters into English, I have decided to translate a few of them as to get the main essence of them through (some parts were also summarized or slightly modified into a more English expression). I notify the reader that the translation was accomplished not by the author but by Kokoro. The responsibility concerning the translation (and summarization in some part) is therefore entirely that of Kokoro. I also notify that the sending of mail to the author must necessarily be in Japanese and not in any other language. In addition, Kokoro is not subject to any obligation regarding mails concerning this Page.

Chapter 0: What are the °»pseudo-Left-Wingers°…? (The objective of this Page)

When we look at the media and school education in Japan, some of us will notice a certain tendency, an anti-Japanese tendency. Japan as a nation is considered almost like a nation that can do only evil. Just having a Self-Defense Force, which the Americans eventually °∆advised°« (ordered) Japan to have, is considered by nations like China and North Korea as an imperialistic threat to peace in Asia. Which obviously is a ridiculous assertion and tendency. Political pressure from neighboring nations alters our school education. Japan°«s point of view, national interest, security, and diplomacy are ignored by the media and by the schools for the interest of neighboring nations and political movement in favor of these movements.

Japan is a nation like many others, consisting of good and bad elements. Pseudo-Left-Wingers are those who only look at the bad elements and does what it can to emphasize the bad elements whether or not it exists. Meanwhile, they close their eyes to the bad elements of most nations if not all. Their message is clear, Japan should keep quiet and obey while the other nations abuse of Japan°«s silence and obedience. °»We can attack you whether militarily or not, but you can not defend yourself for you are bad.°… Thus is the intention behind the pseudo-Left-Wingers movement.

Most media and schools accept the assumption that °»Japan was bad and will always be bad°… because pseudo-Left-Wingers run most of these businesses. They act in favor of Japan°«s neighboring rival nations and against Japan itself for they religiously believe in the pseudo-Leftist ideology and for they are masochistic people.

I add °»pseudo°… for they are not real Leftists for their nation, Japan, is not their standard nation, the nation which they are part of and should preferably seek to defend. In fact, most of them don°«t even have a standard nation in mind, they think they are part of some imaginary world community and working for a purely humanitarian ideal. Behind this lies the mal-intention of a minority who are professional pseudo-Leftists, who works not for their own country, Japan, but for other country like China and Russia, which makes them pseudo-(Japanese)-Left-Wingers from the Japan's point of view. This minority manipulates the idealistic imagination and immature purity of Japanese citizens (many youngsters) in unintentionally acting for the interest of specific nations.

The stories as of the °»Rape of Nanking°… and °»Coerced Abduction of Comfort Women°… were fabricated and propagated by these pseudo-Left-Wingers whether conscious or not of who they were actually working for. Those who are conscious of it are professional political disturbers, those who are not conscious are individuals who feels the strong need to be part of a 'good-looking' movement (making them feel 'good-looking' in a mental sense). They are mentally masochistic individuals who were manipulated to believe that their nation was no good and deserved no good. They seek for a sectarian world where they would fulfill a part of their heart that usually would be filled by the love of their homeland and family based on a compassionate understanding of their history.

The name °∆Left-Winger°« maybe seen as another name for reformists. It usually meant a socialist or a communist. As these ideologies began to fall apart and reached its climax with the fall of the Soviet Union, the Left-Wingers°« had to look for another occupation or another method.

Some realized that the Soviet dream was over and that they were to move onto the gaining of power inside Japan by through the good old disinformation operations. These became professional pseudo-Left-Wingers, seeking for the maximum profit through a seemingly socialist movement.Those who naively joined such movement for their naive convictions are amateur pseudo-Left-Wingers.

On the other hand, some kept on with the Soviet dream and remained faithful to the traditional way aiming for the Communist revolution.

In both cases, they no longer had the exemplary nation to support. So they instead began to make Japan, the object of their revolutionary aim, the exemplary nation but in the bad sense. They would thus obtain a similar result in moving the mass against their own nation. In moving the mass, their major tools are disinformation and propaganda through the media and schools.

I want the readers, especially the Japanese readers, to acquire a greater knowledge of the manners by which the pseudo-Left-Wingers manipulates the people°«s mind and the society°«s unity. I hope the reader, after having gone through this Page, will critically treat information and neither be manipulated nor be tempted by such masochistic extremist political movement.

The Sum-up of Chapter 6/ section 2 (The sum-up of this Page (December 19th 1998; August 26th 1999))

The pseudo-Left-Wing movement is an extremist ideological and religious movement lead by a greedy or fanatical minority. It has much in common with sects.

They have a guru-like leader chosen not based on any profound historical or traditional foundation but upon a sudden ideological and political foundation. Their belief in their leader goes over the frame of politics and enters that of religion. Their religious-like belief is used for a specific political aim for the interest of a minority of leaders. Just as in the sect Aum, they are used for purely commercial and political purposes while made to believe that they are involved in a magnificent religious journey towards the absolute truth withheld by the leaders. Based on such beliefs, they become very much manipulated by leaders in order to earn the sense of collectivity and of sectarian superiority. This is the major strong point that characterized the members of a pseudo-Left-Wing movement and that keeps them united.

Whether one decides to join a so-and-so sect does not concern me as long as it does not threaten the integrity of the world outside the so-and-so sect. The pseudo-Left-Wing sect is no doubt part of such threat. So it becomes a part of my concern. As one of those concerned I would like to make the following simple demands.

@ Stop fabricating and distorting history.
@ When you make a mistake admit it and take responsibility.
@ Give a minimum of respect for our ancestors who worked and fought for our relatively wealthy being today.
@ Get a habit to simply doubt.
@ Learn to respect your historical community and get real.

In Facing the New Age:

Our grandparents worked and fought for the independence of our homeland, and for the continuation of their family line, which we are all part of. In another words, they worked and fought for us, just as much as our parents did. So how are we to thank them? Possibly by doing the same for the next generation. So what are we to leave to the next generation? Many of us has earned enough money for the survival of our family line but where has our national identity and dignity, which is part of our individual identity and dignity, gone to? Is money everything? I answer NO. Money is a big part of our life but it is nothing but a tool, a tool in the service of its owner, which is an individual with his identity and dignity. We are all humans and seek to be treated as so. I think as a whole we deserve it, just as much as most of us individually deserve it.

I do not believe in the untrue propaganda spread by the pseudo-Left-Wingers for rational reasons. Lies are lies and truths are truths. Based on truths I have no reason to hate my ancestors who worked and fought hard for us. On the other hand, based on truths, I have reason to hate the pseudo-Left-Wingers who are working and fighting hard against us and the coming generations.

The duty of our generation is to help the next generation be aware of the dangerous nature of the pseudo-Left-Wing movements just as much should they be aware of the danger of any extremist movements.

An infinite possibility lies in front of the coming generations. However, the problems and products of the Cold War still remain unresolved. Our duty is to resolve what we can of them so as to leave less burden and give them what they truly deserve: some respect. Neither respect nor fraternity between nations or peoples result by bowing down for fabricated political accusations. Such fabrication must stop. For that, the pseudo-Left-Wingers°« movement must stop. History should be returned from the hands of fanatic pseudo-Left-Wing movement leaders back to the hands of the scholars and the people.

Till the above hope accomplished, this Page will continue to claim for fair justice and against fanatic ideologies in the service of a dirty minority. The end of the pseudo-Left-Wingers°« considerable influence over the mass will mark the end of the Cold War in Japan and the end of this Page. May it end quickly for the goodness sake of all those who died and lived for Japan and for all those who are to come.