Who is Masashi Tashiro?

Do you know Masashi Tashiro? He is the most famous nice guy now!  He is a worldwide photographer and camera operater. He is the Almighty God!
Masashi's Definite:
I'm never beat by Ichiro Suzuki and Hide Nakata!
This is the voice of the Japanese people:
  • He is God.
  • All Japanese worship him as God.
  • He is the most famous photographer in Japan.
  • I'm sick and tired of it.
  • I think he is the key person of the friendly relationship between Korea and Japan.
  • He is the immortal master piece of humankind, so he is God.
  • He is a stupid lord's retainer.
  • He is a comedian overly famous for Japan. He is loved by people in the world, is an appropriate person.
  • He is the hero who took laughter in exchange for life.
  • He is the most wonderful entertainer in the world.
  • The passion over his photography exceeds Robert Capa.
  • His behaver will never be forgettable.
  • He did not betray expectation of people.
  • He is the existence near God in the world.
  • He is the man of only one person that can stop war by laughter.
  • Probably, when he was in Afghanistan, war didn't break out.
  • Needless to say.
  • We Japanese love him very much! Instead I tell you why I selected him, I must tell you why he is so cool!
  • He is sex symbol.
  • To dance is Tashiro! Tashiro is to dance!
  • He is a hero. There is not a person by whom he was loved by Japanese people.
  • Tashiro is a player more wonderful than Ichiro.
  • Tashiro was Japanese great comedian.
  • He has octopus on the ear.
  • I'm Tashiro's fan. he is very nice photographer!!
  • I think, he is a last true entertainer in the world.

Thank you by Masashi Tashiro

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Photographer, Camera operater
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31 Aug 1956
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Toss off a gag
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Runs about
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