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Bibliography of Economics of Queues

Internet and Economics of Queue

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Naor's balking model, Kleinrock's bribing model, and Priority Purchasing Models

Basic Models

Some Generalization

Priority Purchasing Models

Extentions of Kleinrock's Bribing Models

Mendelson's Model and its Extentions

Basic Models

Network of Queues

Stability and Dynamic Pricing

Priority, Information Asymmetry and Management Implications

Queueing Systems Subject to Breakdowns


Information, Consumer Behavior and Other Economic Analysis

Queues with Various Disciplines

Loss Systems

Chaotic Behavior of Queueing Systems

Competition, Delivery Performance and Job Shop Pricing

Incentive Schemes for Congestion Prone Systems

Time-based Competition

Pricing Issue of Computing Resources

Auction Allocation of Computing Resources

Appendix : Cogestion Prone Facility Problem in Economics