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  • The emerging scene of Dynastes hercules hercules Under Construction(4/28)
  • European Insect Fair in Frankfurt 1997
  • Shock! Face Hugger Goliathus goliathus
  • The mating scene of Allotopus rosenbergi (West Jawa)

  • Representative Stag beetles from Republic of China
  • Coleoptera from Spain
  • The real "STAG" beetles; Rhaetulus family
  • Stag Beetles from Laos (including Dorcus grandis grandis (DGG) collections)
  • Color variations of Cyclommatus metallifer
  • Giant stag beetles of North-East India 
  • Dorcus curvidens variations
  • Dorcus antaeus variations (Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, NE-India)  Updated! (6/1)
  • L3 larvae of big beetles

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