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Name of the software
Excel VBA Game
Arcade Game
Operating System
Microsoft Windows
Software Requirements
Microsoft Excel
Kind of the software
Free Soft
File Size
File Format
Kouichi Tani
Web Site
NEKO to Excel
Date of Made

Who is QEX, and what are his powers?
How can he take land that is not his?
Where does QEX come from?
Most important, how can he be stopped?
He's an erratic eccentric who strikes like lightning.
He travels with patrolmen called Sparx, who constantly guard the bordering territories.
QEX moves fast, spreading like an infectious disease.
His supernatural powers allow him to clone himself, thus doubling his threat.
Your only defense is to trap QEX and claim your territory.
You must use your chromium electronic marker to partition the land, segment by segment.
You plan your strategy.
You calmly start plotting a path from border to border.
Then, when you least expect it, you encounter an additional threat called the Fuse.
It hides and waits until you stop moving.
Then it travels along your path, crackling all the way.
If it catches you, it ignites and destroys your marker.
Once you start moving again, it stops and anxiously awaits your next moment of hesitation.
Now you know what you are up against. You must be quick, steady, and careful, to diligently reclaim the seized territory.
You cannot be greedy. Use intelligence to outsmart this devious monster.

Environment of operation
The software used is Excel VBA, Therefore Excel 97 or later is required.
Also you need to enable Macros on your system to start this game.
Recommended OS are Windows XP, 2000, NT, VISTA, 7(32/64bit).

How to play
Please refer the opening screen.

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