Tokyo Detention Center robs Hosei Students of T-shirts given by US teachers

 Thank you for your warm support for the detained Japanese students arrested and indicted for their unflinching struggle against the oppressive neoliberal Hosei University and against G8 Summit.

 Notably, the teachers, students, parents and community activists of Coalition against Militarism in our Schools (CAMS), a powerful counter-recruitment organization in Los Angeles, encouraged the detainees in Tokyo Detention Center (TDC) by gathering signatures for immediate release of students and sending CAMS's T-shirts to them.

 The Detention Center, however, outrageously robbed them of their T-shirts.

 "On November 20, the day after the last public trial, five or six detention guards came to my cell and robbed me of CAMS's T-shirts," wrote us UCHIDA Terumasa, one of the detained students. "At first one of the guards came and demanded that my red T-shirt from CAMS be retained in TDC office or sent back to my home because the red T-shirts are no longer allowed to wear even in our cells. They did not tell the reason why other than the same nonsense as previous ban of the T-shirts in the court room-protection of our safety." The TDC protects detainees by banning T-shirts???

 The guards yelled to Uchida, physically brought him under control and robbed him of the T-shirt in his trunk.

 Months of detentions are de facto punishment before conviction. Prolonged detention violates the principle of presumption of innocence.

 Please sign the petition for their immediate release, gather more signatures for it and protest against the abuse of the Tokyo Detention Center.