Violence and torture by jail: Ms Gotoh dropped on the floor from her head Denounce confinement in "Protection cell" ! Surround the court and get back 19 detainees!

 Ms Gotoh, student activist of Osaka City University, who is prosecuted for demonstrating in Hosei University on May 29, was confined in "protection cell" of the Tokyo Detention Center, from November 21 to 24.
 When she was taken to the cell, she was dropped on the floor from her head. Moreover her arm stuck out of the small window was pinched and twisted.
 While in the "protection cell", she was not allowed to call her lawyer nor brush her teeth. Her top, socks and glasses were ripped and she was neglected in coldness with thin blanket only. Even the stuffs for her lawsuit were forbid. Moreover, she had more tortures. Her meal was scattered on the floor and the water of the toilet was stopped. "Protection room" is a complete confinement room for torture by Tokyo Detention Center, without any human rights.
 Denounce the neglect and torture by Tokyo Detention Center! They are hounded by 19detainee's great struggle! Let's get back them now! Hear the trial and encourage Ms Gotoh!

■Lynching to Ms Gotoh
 The day after she got out of "protection cell", she wrote a letter to her lawyer to tell what had happened.
 November 21, head of the ward came to her cell to answer for her "objection to the jail director." She had objected these four points.
 1.Admit to put thing from Shinjuku Jail to the cell or to send in. For example, liquid for contact lens.
 2.At court, many male staffs squeezed me and pulled up my leg. Stop such sexual harassment. When male staff is entering the cell for check, let me know beforehand in order to finish my business, change clothes and to put away my underwear hanging.
 3.Demand again to "chart my injury at court", which I insisted at the meeting with the head of the ward.
 4.Slow down the speed of the bus between the jail and the court.
 President's answer to these objections was nonsense. "These are mere desire. We conclude disposing without decision." And he said, "If you have something, state again with letter" and he tried to go back. So she asked, "I don't understand what you mean." He answered, "Use dictionary" and continued "It means that we do nothing." When she protested saying "Open the door and speak", the head shouted "Shut up!" and "Protection cell!"
 Then, about eight staffs waiting at the door pulled up her arms and legs and took her out of the cell. The head filmed this by a video camera. First she was taken her face up. But in the middle of the corridor, with a shout of "Face on!" she was dropped from her head. She was so shocked that couldn't response. In addition, they twisted her arms to back and took to the "protection room."

■Neglected in coldness without top and socks
 She was taken to the room by force. When she protested and shout "Ouch! Stop!" staff pushed her neck with his elbow. And she was pushed down and her top, socks and glasses were ripped off. She was neglected in coldness with T shirt and pants only. Her feet were bare. No matter how hard she tried to shout "Call the Rescue Contact Center!" and knock the door, no one answered.
 After some time, a doctor came in. She said "Everywhere hurts. I was dropped from head and sat astride." But he answered "Isn't it because you struggled?" Her demand for her glasses was neglected. "That's none of my business."

■Meal was scattered on the floor
■Arm stuck out of the small window was pinched and twisted

 When the meal was put in from the small window, staff said "Take your meal! If you don't, it will be dropped!" A black box with meal was dropped. Milk was scattered and rice was upside down. They forced her to eat noodle by a paper spoon. "Oh, you aren't finished?" They dropped blanket on the meal.
 Ms Gotoh demanded "Call my lawyer! Take me to hospital! Give me my glasses!" and stuck her arm stuck out of the small window. But her arm and fingers were pinched and twisted by several staffs. "Ouch!!!" she screamed. The head joined to pinch her arm by window and pushed it in direction that cannot pull in.Finally, blanket was pushed in and the window was closed.
 When she pushed a button, which seemed to flush the toilet, she noticed that it was a call button. She called the staff to bring her glasses, toothbrush, top, socks and to call her lawyer and doctor. She wanted pen and paper to contact lawyer, but the staff said "You aren't allowed to. That's what this cell for."
Later two doctors came but ignored her appeal of pain of head and body. And they left her in coldness with two blankets, a thin mattress and a pillow.

■Continued neglect: the water of toilet stopped
 First day at the room, a guard told her that "What you can do today is to sleep. The rest is tomorrow." So next morning, she requested the staffs for lawsuit, clothes and socks. Usually every morning, accused people in cells can request things. Staffs visit each cell and the accused can ask for message or shopping. Ms Gotoh wanted medicine for chilblain but refused. Her all requests were refused. "That's after you get out." She protested that forbid of staffs of lawsuit is nuisance to lawsuit. He said "This cell is that sort."
 In the "protection cell", you cannot flush toilet by yourself. However, no one comes after hours pushing the call button. "Flush the toilet! Supply water! Give me toilet tissue!" No matter how she knocked the door, staff out of the room ignored. "I know that you are there! Stop ignoring me! You're just punishing me! Think about me that facing toilet that won't flush for all day! What about sanitation!" Some time after protest, only the toilet flushed. "Supply water! Give me toilet tissue!" was ignored.
She asked "Why I'm put into this room?" and he answered "Ask such thing after you get out." "What purpose is this room made for?" "That has nothing to do with you now." Another staff answered "To protect you." In brief, room without any law is made in Tokyo Detention Center.
 November 25, fourth day, at 13:40, the staff said "Get out. We will inquire after about your protection." They confined for four days and aiming for more punishments. There is nothing about such room in the pamphlet "Dos and Don'ts in Jail."
 While in the "protection cell", any invasion of human rights is justified and attitude of staffs change suddenly. "Protection cell" is what the Tokyo Detention Center really is. They put who don't obey and who they dislike into there and let them understand by not words, but by pain and violence.

 All responsibility lies with the head judge of Tokyo District Court. Surround the court by the power of solidarity and get back 19 detained students!