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Current Product Version Portable Kaimeisi, 7th Release: major maintenance release to the public :
a must utility for every computer power-user.

A must upgrade for every user.

What's New and Fixed: Major update and many bug eradications.

What's new in v0.3.4.9:
  • Re-boot version: Re-written with Visual C++ and wxWidgets GUI Library.
  • Better Stability.
  • Better Looks.
  • Removed its internal image viewer.
  • And some...

What had been new in v0.3.3.8:

  • Better preformance: Several times faster: directory browser. re-name preview.
  • Majro improvements in image view.
  • New directory creation.
  • More options for peek functionality.
  • New color preference.
  • And more... Refer to ReadMe.txt for further details.

What had been new in v0.2.2.4:

  • Directory Re-naming.
  • Text Peek by user-specified extensions including RTF.
  • Move To / Copy To operations for each single file.
  • On-the-spot file deletion.
  • Directory Browser structure has changed to that of a tree.
  • Many improvements here and there.
  • Increased reliability and stability.
  • Implemented Image Preview for ICO type in addition to PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP.
  • Better Looks: Optional gradient title bar, tool bar and menu bar.
  • Removed not-that-practical file attribute options.
  • Back/Forward buttons for directory browsing.

  • Bug-fix: Wrong file size display with files of several giga bytes in size.
  • Done many other enhancements and bug-fixes.

What had been new in v0.1.7.7:

  • Conditional Re-naming: remove characters from the start/end or index of a file name.
  • One-time undo for multiple-renaming and single-renaming both.
  • In-place re-naming (F2).
  • Better visual interface (Display speed slows down as a result).
  • But, faster re-naming operation (in milli -seconds)
  • Many improvements here and there.
  • Increased user-friendliness, safety, reliability and stability.
  • Re-name candidates can be sorted by name, type, size, date modified.
  • Image preview for four types (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP)

  • And more...
License Category Lifetime Freeware: Kaimeisi is free for user's life time and has no plan to change its clothes to shareware outfits as long as my vital signs are not threatened at all :)

Evaluate and use it for free freely during your life time for educational/non-commercial/individual purpose only.

What is it for?
(Major Features)
Kaimeisi is a user-friendly multi-file renaming utiltiy with the following merits:
  • Unicode(multi-lingual) Support:
    Unicode name change

  • Basic / simple functionality.
  • Light-weight (stand-alone execution).
  • Portable. (No install: just unzip and execute on the spot.)
  • Easy uninstall. (Just delete the application and its related files)
  • Easy intuitive user-interface / operations.
  • User-definable file list filters.
  • Selective renaming.
  • Rename preview provided.
  • Sequential Renaming.
  • User-configurable Shortcuts.

  • And ....
Minimum System Requirements
Install Just extract all files from the downloaded archive file (, where xxx is number) to a directory of user's choice and create a shortcut to Kaimeisi.exe. That's all.
  • Kaimeisi does not store data in Windows registry at all.

    All its settings are stored under Kaimeisi folder.

  • Manual Deinstall

    • Just delete the Kaimeisi folder( eg) C:\Program Files\Kaimeisi )
Portable versions - ( No Installer )
Download Current Version from Here
Kaimeisi (1.54 MB)

If the download does not start (It is an IE-specific problem) , users are recommended to use a web standard-compliant browser, as Firefox or Google Chrome.

Screen Shots
Kaimeisi screen shots:

Click to view its full-size image
Awards and sites listing Kaimeisi
Awards and sites listing Kaimeisi
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Kaimeisi: 5 STARS Awarded at !
      Kaimeisi    5-star Award at Download32    Free Software Download - Download Typhoon    Free Software Download - Top 4 Download : 5 Stars Award at ! : 5 Stars Award at !    Portable, Unicode multi-file renamer    Kaimeisi is clean!    100% Safe Award from DoDownload          Free download archive       Windows 7 Compatible - Kaimeisi on Windows 7 Download    Download new Kaimeisi    5 star-award from X 64-bit Download    5 star-award from Best Vista Download    Best Software 4 Download    5 stars award from    100% clean award by Softpedia       5 star-award from    5    Best Freeware Download          5-star award from Softoxi editor team states on Kaimeisi as follows :
"Kaimeisi - a free, portable, efficient renaming utility for your files in an easy to use, convenient interface."

Kaimeisi is a stand-alone application for Windows NT/XP/2000/2003/2008/Vista/7.
So it may well run with kaimeisi.exe alone.

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