Windows VISTA, XP, 2000  (Java Runtime Environment 1.6 required)

How to download

DOWNLOAD (Version: 2009 1.15)

How to register

Please this site, and input your mail address.
if closed site, you can use under player.
user:  qplay1    pass:  qplay1
user:  qplay2    pass:  qplay2

How to install
Please expand "" file to desktop.

How to startup
The login window opens when "outbreak.exe" file in the outbreak folder that exists in desktop is clicked.
Please click the "OK" button after inputting user and pass registered by the entry.
The lobby is displayed when connecting with the network.


]  When the login window is not displayed even if "outbreak.exe" file is clicked. Please install Java Runtime Environment(JRE).
    How to download JRE:  DOWNLOAD   HOW TO INSTALL

[]  The explanation of the lobby clicks here.
[]  The sound can be turned off by setting environment variable sound to off. (set sound=off)

Kind of game

It is possible to play a game as follows, on outbreak.
  LIFE         ATAXX of 8x8
  HEXA       Hexagon
  FALA     ATAXX of 9x9
  QUIZ        Japanese quiz
  PUZZLE    puzzle
※ hangame ハンゲーム ファラオの呪い QuizQuiz QPLAY fa
rao outbreak life life ライフ パズル クイズ jijibent ataxx blob takosumen 液球 virus
    slimewar goldtoken sheepme