Welcome to the black hole of the internet. Out into the edge of the network cloud, this is quite an odd place to end up on the cloud. Here I have lists of records and recordings I own to keep track of, my fanzine page in case if you are interested in ordering some zines, projects I have created, and ect. I have a list of records and audio trading, and video trading. I just use this as a list, but if you are interested in trading some audio digitally or through mail then message me. If you don't want to waste your time downloading or waiting for a physical copy, then check out my youtube channel where I upload music I find interesting. Please take a look at the list if anything interests you, contact me.

Important Note:

  1. Nothing in the "Record List" or "VHS Tapes" section is for trade or sale, only in "Audio Trading List" and "Video Trading List"
  2. None of these items are for sale, only for trade
  3. Any of the Audio Trading List and Video Trading list are originally digital copies, you can choose download over the internet or a mailed copy of the item in a case or just cd packet
  4. I am fairly new at this and got a limited collection, so don't expect anything perfectly done at the moment
  5. Support the bands please
    1. 3/1/2015: Record List, Audio Trading List, Video Trading list, and Index updated. Site is coded in HTML and CSS. We are still under construction and hope to put this webpage on the line pretty soon. Digital trading file such as peer to peer service is open, but physical mailing would have to wait. Also contact page is still being worked out Thank you for your patience.

      10/24/2015: Site is being updated again, "Weird Stuff" and "Vice Zine" added.

      11/24/2015: Downloads page created.

      12/06/2016: Site is being updated again, "Photospace" film photography archive added.